Netflix Orders Hype House Series: Meet the Cast of TikTok Stars (PHOTOS)

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Netflix is teaming up with some of TikTok’s biggest stars for their latest unscripted project from the social media collective Hype House.

The untitled series follows the fascinating lives of some of today’s biggest influencers, taking a look at their meteoric rise to fame. Join the content creators as they welcome Netflix into the infamous Hype House and into their lives.

For a group that is so public via social media, this new series will uncover a side of them which is seldom seen on camera, exploring their relationships and personal lives. From humble beginnings to sudden stardom, these stories about popular social media personalities will track their paths as they head into the next stage of their lives. Executive produced by Eric Wattenberg, Deanna Markoff, Will Nothacker, Luke Neslage, and Kit Gordon, the Wheelhouse Entertainment production is shining a light on a newer category within pop culture.

Below, meet the cast, find out where you can follow them online, and stay tune for more on this exciting new series.

Kouvre Annon
Netflix/Kouvr Annon via Instagram

Kouvr Annon

One of the founders of the Hype House, Kouvr is a 20-year-old influencer making impressions on Instagram (@k0uvr), TikTok (@k0uvr), Twitter (@k0uvr), and YouTube. She’s dating fellow Hype House member Alex Warren.

Nikita Dragun
Netflix/Nikita Dragun via Instagram

Nikita Dragun

This 25-year-old YouTuber is best known as a makeup artist and model who has been open about her transition process online. She reaches followers on Instagram (@nikitadragun), TikTok (@nikitadragun), Twitter (@NikitaDragun), and YouTube.

sienna mae gomez
Netflix/Sienna Mae Gomez via Instagram

Sienna Mae Gomez

A dancer and influencer, this 17-year-old cast member is primarily on Instagram (@siennamaegomez), TikTok (@siennamae & @siennamaegomezz), and YouTube, making impressions on her followers. She’s also been in a relationship with fellow Hype House member Jack Wright.

Larri Merritt
Larri Merritt via Instagram

Larri Merritt

Known better by the name Larray, this 22-year-old YouTuber produces comedic video content for his followers on YouTube, TikTok (@larrayeeee), and Instagram (@larray).

chase hudson
Chase Hudson via Instagram

Chase Hudson

This 18-year-old performer releases music under the name Lil Huddy and is one of the Hype House’s co-founders. With past ties to TikToker Charli D’Amelio, Chase’s reach in the social media world is pretty big. He’s currently found on Instagram (@lilhuddy), TikTok (@lilhuddy), Twitter (@xlilhuddy), and YouTube.

thomas petrou
Netflix/Thomas Petrou via Instagram

Thomas Petrou

This 22-year-old entrepreneur is one of the Hype House’s co-founders, using his influence to reach fans on Instagram (@petroutv), YouTube, TikTok (@petroutv), and Twitter (@petroutv_1).

alex warren
Netflix/Alex Warren via Instagram

Alex Warren

This YouTuber and Hype House co-founder who is in a relationship with Kouvr is only 20 and has millions of followers on TikTok (@alexwaarren), Instagram (@alexwaarren), Youtube, and Twitter (@alexwaarren).

jack wright
Netflix/Jack Wright via Instagram

Jack Wright

A dancer and entertainer, this 18-year-old Hype House co-founder is dating Sienna, as well as influencing the masses on his Instagram (@jack.wright21), TikTok (@jack.wright), and YouTube accounts.