3 New Hulu Shows That Put Fresh Spins on Old Favorites

The Act Run Hulu

Hulu has it share of binge-worthy shows, among them A Teacher, starring Lindsay Burdge and Will Brittain; The Act, with Emmy-winner Patricia Arquette; and No Reservations, with the late celebrity chef and traveler Anthony Bourdain. And if you’re a fan of those particular titles, we have good news: The streamer has upcoming shows this month that will hit your sweet spots. Below, check out these Hulu favorites and how they could influence your next TV marathon.

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Patricia Arquette won an Emmy for playing the mother of all monsters in this 2019 limited series based on a true story: In order to control her daughter Gypsy (Joey King), poor Missouri woman Dee Dee Blanchard (Arquette) convinces her that she’s afflicted with illnesses including cancer. Available now

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Ratched‘s Sarah Paulson plays another schemer with a penchant for medical experiments. In this 90-minute thriller, she’s a mentally disturbed mom who drugs her teen daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen), keeping her confined to a wheelchair. Though cut off from the outside world, Chloe wises up to her mom’s ways. Premieres Friday, November 20

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations

IF YOU LIKE: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

The late celebrity chef jetted everywhere from Haiti to Hokkaido, Japan, where he’d sample local delicacies at hidden gems and break bread with people from all walks of life on the culinary-travelogue series. Seasons 7–8 available now

eaters guide to the world

WATCH: Eater's Guide to the World

You’ll want to have a healthy appetite (and maybe a phone close by to order takeout) as Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph narrates this foodie show that uncovers the best spots to chow down in places like Casablanca, Costa Rica, and New York City. Premieres Wednesday, November 11

A Teacher 2013
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IF YOU LIKE: A Teacher

The 2013 indie film starring Lindsay Burdge and Will Brittain spins the taboo topic from Lifetime movies — a high school instructor carrying on an affair with a teen student — into a riveting story about obsession and guilt. Available now

A Teacher Kate Mara Nick Robinson
Chris Large/FX

WATCH: A Teacher

This series, based on the movie of the same name, takes a deep dive into the relationship between a teacher (Kate Mara) and pupil (Nick Robinson): “The audience will get a glimpse of why she makes her choices,” says Mara. Premieres Tuesday, November 10