Boo-Yeah! Our Complete 2020 Halloween Gift Guide (PHOTOS)

Halloween Gift Guide 2020
Funko; Amazon; Kid Robot; Warner Bros.

Ahh the season of scares is upon us!

If you love all things Halloween like we do, you know you can fill a Great Pumpkin with all sorts of goodies to keep it ghoulish from October 1 to All Saints Day. So we did a little sweep of the shopping options out there and rounded up some swag that chilled and thrilled and tickled our fancy for anything to do with the most wonderful weird time of year.

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Scroll down for our 2020 All Hallows’ Eve picks for pop culture junkies. Enjoy!

The mandalorian mask halloween gift guide

The Mandalorian Roleplay Mask

Let’s face it, if ya gotta wear a mask these days (and you do!), there’s none cooler than the covering sported by the Star Wars bounty hunter also known as Baby Yoda’s No. 1 guy. Now Hasbro is hookin’ kids up with their own version of the chrome dome in lightweight plastic with sturdy elastic bands to keep it in place. And if you want to up your cred in the galaxy, they also have a Nerf-fueled reproduction of Mando’s rocket-shooting wrist gauntlet and a light-up version of the Darksaber fans spotted at the very end of Season 1., prices vary.

Halloween Gift Guide 2020 Playmobil Scooby Doo

Playmobil Scooby-Doo!

Zoinks! The Mystery Machine gang loves themselves some Halloween haunting and Playmobil has the colorful and creeptastic sets sure to give kids hours of fun. Adventure in the Mystery Mansion is a 177-piece kit that puts Daphne, Fred and Scoob in fangs-reach of a vampire, while the 70-piece Adventure in the Cemetery finds the three of them chasing down a ghost and a glow-in-the-dark skeleton. So open up a bag of Scooby snacks and have a howl of a time!, $49.99-$99.99

halloween gift guide fright favorites

Fright Favorites by David J. Skal and TCM

Turner Classic Movies has gathered up a terrific coffee-table tome celebrating cinema’s greatest (on-screen) monsters, complete with reviews, behind-the-scenes tidbits and iconic images., $18.59

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween gift guide

The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Blind Box Mini Figures

Art-toy company Kidrobot has bundled up a slew of 3-inch iterations of our favorite seasonal Springfielders, including Donut Homer, Kang, Kodos and even a couple mystery characters., $11.99

Halloween Gift Guide Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Collection Deluxe Edition

From Crystal Lake to Manhattan to space and even Hell, Jason Voorhees and his hockey mask slash their way through this 12-movie, 16-disc set that features a list of extras longer than the horror-movie staple’s body count. Consider it the quintessential horrorthon to carry you right up from the 13th to the 31st!, $159.98

supernatural halloween gift guide
Warner Bros.

Supernatural Hoodie

If you’re like us and chilled by the thought of the CW hit’s looming series finale, this ultra-soft heather pullover celebrating the Winchester Bros is the perfect way to bundle up. And that anti-possession symbol on the front will help keep the demons away!, $39.95

there's someone inside your house halloween gift guide

There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Some of the best horror lit these days is happening in YA novels, like Perkins’ 2017 best-seller about a serial killer stalking Nebraska high-schoolers that’s been developed into a Netflix film starring Sydney Park (The Perfectionists) and Burkely Duffield (Beyond) ., $14.89

Clown in a Cornfield Halloween Gift Guide

Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

If the title gives you the willies, just wait until you see what really happens in that cornfield. Cesare’s gory, twisty page-turner about Missouri teens targeted by their town’s deranged mascot demands to be read in a single sitting. And while it’s technically in the young adult category, the kills will have even the most seasoned adults checking to make sure the doors are locked., $16.19

Luigi's Mansion 3 Halloween Gift Guide

Luigi's Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch

Run amok! amok! amok! in this fan-favorite game that sends our intrepid Luigi into the ghost-infested Last Resort Hotel to find the missing Mario and slam down or suck up the specters with his on his trusty Poltergust G-00. And if you get the multiplayer pack, there’s new themed ghosts and minigames included!, $59.99

Sabrina Funko Halloween Gift Guide

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Funko

Based on the hit Netflix horror series starring Kiernan Shipka as the teen witch with a devilish family comes this Funko Pop! vinyl figure of our young Miss Spellman and her familiar spirit, Salem. Ya might want to keep her on display after Halloween, just to be safe., $14.95

The Nun Halloween Gift Guide

The Nun Doll

Planning to binge the The Conjuring movies this season? Curl up with Mezco Toyz’z 18-inch plush take on the demon better known as The Nun‘s Valek.

Or else., $94.00

Halloween Calming Magic

Calming Magic by Nikki Van De Car

Practical magic, witchcraft, whatever you call it, there has never been a time where we have needed to conjure up some peace of mind more than now! And this enchanting guide pairs mindfulness with mysticism to help readers support the body, mind and heart in times of stress through everything from yoga to meditations to crystals. Pairs wonderfully with a screening of Hocus Pocus!, $17.99

Chucky Doll Halloween Gift Guide

Chucky HugMe Vibrating Plush

He’s one of the good guys! Yeah right. Even as a stuffed toy, the killer kid from Child’s Play will leave you shaking, mostly because Kidrobot’s line of vibrating plushes (which also include Pennywise, Slimer and Groot) literally rock when you hug ’em., $34.99

Bob's Burgers Halloween Gift Guide

Bob's Burgers Trick or Treating Tour Mini Figures

Another scary-fun collection from Kidrobot dresses up the Blechers and company in looks from their Halloween episodes. Our must-have: Tina the Sand Witch., $11.99

The Addams Family Halloween Gift Guide

The Addams Family Action Figures

The first family of Halloween gets their creepy and kooky on in these miniature versions inspired by the 2019 feature film. Sold in two-pack sets, the collection includes Gomez and his beloved “cara mia,” Morticia; Wednesday and Grandma; Pugsley and Uncle Fester; and Lurch with It. Thing is packaged separately because, really, who wants to be trapped with that one?!, $80 for the full set

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Whether you’re a manga regular or a newbie to the genre, Funimation is killing it with the anime you’ll want to stream this season. Based on the best-selling dark fantasy manga series by Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul tells the tale of a young man who discovers that he may be the only hope for a Tokyo overrun with flesh-eating monsters. They also have Higurashi: When They Cry, one of the best-known horror franchises from the 2000s that is definitely not for the feint of heart.

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