8 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ & ‘Station 19’ Characters Who Need to Be Single for a While

Station 19 Grey's Anatomy Characters Should Be Single
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Romance has always been a part — and a very messy part — of Grey’s Anatomy, so it’s no surprise that that carried over to the spinoff, Station 19.

But for every success and a Ben and Bailey, there’s been a failure or two and a Maggie and Jackson or an Amelia and Owen. While some have gone on to find love and it looks to be working out (like for Amelia and Link), others aren’t so lucky.

So maybe the solution is for some of these characters to take some time for themselves instead. And now that ABC has announced the return dates for the two shows, we’re taking a look below at the characters who need to be single for at least a bit going into the new seasons this November, from Maggie on Grey’s to Jack on Station 19.

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Grey's Anatomy Character Should Be Single Maggie
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Maggie (Grey's Anatomy)

Anyone who stepped into a room with Maggie and Jackson this season knew that things ended poorly between them. And while she did meet Winston at a conference — though their time was cut short by Richard’s health — a long-distance relationship probably isn’t going to work out on Grey’s.

Grey's Anatomy - Jackson - Jesse Williams
ABC/John Fleenor

Jackson (Grey's Anatomy)

Jackson and Maggie fell apart, and everyone has had to deal with the awkwardness that resulted. He was then part of a crossover romance with Vic, and with his work on the PRT vehicle with Ben, he’s still in her orbit. But considering how quickly that romance seemed to start, it’s probably best for them not to jump back into things.

Grey's Anatomy Character Should Be Single Levi
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Levi (Grey's Anatomy)

Problems arose with Nico as the season neared its end, both when it came to how serious their relationship was and their future with Nico considering a job offer that would take him on the road. Maybe it’s time for Levi to see what it’s like to casually date someone or just stay single.

Grey's Anatomy Character Should Be Single Jo
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Jo (Grey's Anatomy)

It seemed like Jo’s marriage was as good as it can get in the Grey’s world earlier this season — until Alex left her for Izzie and their kids. Fortunately, Jo hasn’t let that get her down, and while she does deserve to find love with someone who doesn’t leave her, let’s continue to see her on her own like we have for a while first.

Grey's Anatomy Character Should Be Single Teddy
ABC/Gilles Mingasson

Teddy (Grey's Anatomy)

Teddy clearly doesn’t know who she wants; she’s planning to marry Owen but still sleeping with Tom. (And now Owen knows, thanks to a very awkward voicemail.) Rather than just break things off with one and even attempt to pursue a relationship with the other, Teddy should instead try being on her own. She can still date, but committing to one person may not be the best thing for her right now.

Station 19 - Barrett Doss - Vic
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Vic (Station 19)

Vic and Ripley’s relationship ended tragically, and then her romance with Jackson fell apart. While there’s always the possibility of a reunion with the doctor — or something happening with the hints regarding Dean — why not ignore both and instead have Vic be by herself or even casually seeing someone who doesn’t work at the hospital or firehouse?

Station 19 Character Should Be Single Travis
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Travis (Station 19)

Travis hasn’t had the best luck in love, with Emmett — who just came out but is still engaged — the latest to not make it the distance. Why not have Travis be single and date a bit and then figure out what’s going to happen with his love life when it’s time for him to settle down (again)?

Station 19 Character Should Be Single Jack
ABC/Raymond Liu

Jack (Station 19)

Between his relationship with Andy and his affair with Rigo’s wife, Jack hasn’t made the best choices when it comes to romance. Chances are that won’t change anytime soon.