9 Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Stars We Want to See Return (PHOTOS)

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GREY'S ANATOMY - Sara Ramirez
Danny Feld/ABC

Sara Ramirez

Role: Callie Torres

How she left: Callie moved to New York City at the end of Season 12 with her girlfriend at the time, Penny Blake. She could definitely return to Seattle and pick up right where she left off.


Sarah Drew

Role: April Kepner

How she left: After getting in a horrible car accident with on-again, off-again boyfriend Matthew in Season 14, she married him and left the hospital. April needs to come back for a number of reasons, but mostly because she belongs with her baby daddy, Jackson.

Grey's Anatomy
Richard Cartwright/ABC

Martin Henderson

Role: Nathan Riggs

How he left: After Nathan’s brief fling with Meredith, his one true love Megan Hunt was found alive and he knew he needed to leave to be with her. His final appearance was in Season 15. While he wasn’t the most interesting character, it’d be fun to have Megan and Nathan in Seattle permanently — especially after Megan’s recent return!


Sandra Oh

Role: Cristina Yang

How she left: In Season 10, Cristina packed her bags and moved to Switzerland to head up a hospital. Sandra Oh is busy with Killing Eve, but it would be so fun to see her come back for one episode to reconnect with her person, Meredith.


Kate Walsh

Role: Addison Montgomery

How she left: Addison left Seattle in Season 3 to open up her own private practice in California (and start the spinoff Private Practice). Just come back for one episode, Addison!

Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’Donnell

Role: Finn Dandridge

How he left: Who could ever forget the McVet? After Meredith dumped Chris to be with Derek in Season 3, he obviously left the show. Meredith is dating DeLuca now, but it’d be fun to see Finn back to shake things up.

GREY'S ANATOMY - Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Role: Izzie Stevens

How she left: After battling cancer and getting married, Izzie ran away from Seattle and left Alex all alone in Season 6. We have no idea what Izzie is up to right now (Heigl is over on Suits), so it’s possible she could make a surprise return.

Bob D'Amico/ABC

Jessica Capshaw

Role: Arizona Robbins

How she left: In Season 14, Arizona moved to New York City with daughter, Sofia to hopefully reconcile with Callie. The two are probably living happily ever after right now, so they should just come back to Seattle as one happy family!

ABC/Eric McCandless

Scott Speedman

Role: Dr. Nick Marsh

How he left: The one that got away. After Derek’s passing, Meredith was struggling to find chemistry with any guy she tried to date — until Dr. Nick Marsh became her patient. Though he was only on the show for one episode, their electric connection was evident. Bring him back!

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Grey’s Anatomy has been on-air for a whopping 15 seasons, which means the show has gone through its fair share of characters.

While a few have stuck around since the beginning — like Meredith Grey and Alex Karev — and some have sadly passed away, there are a handful of our favorite Grey Sloan doctors who could potentially return in the future.

Click through the gallery above for characters we’d love to see back in Seattle, even for just one episode.

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