‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16: Couple Drama, Power Shifts & More Trailer Takeaways (PHOTOS)

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Meredith’s doing community service — and offering medical assistance

As we already know, Meredith’s going to be doing community service, all but confirming she does turn herself in and get Andrew cleared (and out from behind bars). But as we see later in the video, she’s also holding her own makeshift clinic.

Greys Mer doctor

Meredith’s future as a doctor is uncertain

When asked if she’s really a doctor, she says, “I might be. It’s still undecided.”

Greys firing reaction

At least some doctors won’t hear about Meredith, Alex, and Richard through the grapevine

Bailey tells Teddy, Owen, and Amelia the others “no longer work” at the hospital.

Greys Owen Teddy

Teddy and Owen are already having problems?

The honeymoon period won’t last for long for the new couple. He asks her to come home with him, and she refuses.

Greys Amelia Link

Exactly how steamy will things get between Amelia and Link?

Not only are they flirty around the hospital, but she even suggests at dinner, “Maybe we could have sex with more than one person.”

Greys Bailey meeting

Does Catherine shut Bailey out of an important meeting?

As Bailey approaches the executive conference room, she sees Catherine closing the blinds for a meeting with Tom.

Greys Tom Owen

Tom gleefully informs Owen of his new position in the hospital

And who could blame him, considering he was home putting together furniture for Teddy and her baby while Owen and Teddy were finally getting together? “Catherine made me God of this place, so I’m your boss,” he tells Owen. (The best part may be Link quietly standing in the back of the elevator.)

Greys Jo Alex

Are Jo and Alex headed for a breakup?

Before she checks into a treatment center, she tells him, “We’re not even legally married. You have an out and I’d understand if you want to take it.”

Greys Jackson

How worried should we be about Jackson?

Maggie can’t find him in the fog, then the trailer ends with someone being wheeled into the hospital. It certainly wants us to think he’s going to be in critical condition.

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Get ready for some more OMG moments on Grey’s Anatomy.

ABC released an extended trailer for Season 16, and it’s filled with crazy, steamy, and potentially heartbreaking moments.

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What happens to Jackson in the fog? Does Meredith turn herself in? Are she, Alex, and Richard going to return to work? What changes are coming for the hospital? Will Teddy and Owen get a chance to be a happy family with their baby?

The trailer (below) teases all that and more, so click through the gallery above for a breakdown of its key moments.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 16 Premiere, Thursday, September 26, 8/7c, ABC