6 Ways ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Just Became More Connected to ‘Station 19’ (PHOTOS)

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ABC/Kelsey McNeal
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Jackson and Vic’s relationship is going well

Soon after Jackson and Maggie broke up, he started getting close to Vic, and while the two are maintaining a “no labels” relationship, things are clearly progressing. We’re seeing a lot of them together on Grey’s, and we’ll likely see that going forward on Station 19 as well. Jo also calls her his girlfriend when she meets Vic at the station, and it’s possible that Jackson being trapped in the bar will result in that title becoming official.

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Catherine meets Vic

Catherine happens to arrive at the hospital just as Jackson and Vic are talking at the ambulance, leading to a “meet the parents” moment. While Catherine doesn’t approve — due to the ongoing challenges in her own relationship — it’s another way the characters from the two shows are mixing.

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Captain Herrera’s declining health

Sadly, Bailey discovers that her patient whose primary complaints suggest lymphoma is Pruitt. Though she tries to stay positive — maybe the mass she finds isn’t malignant — he receives bad news by the end of the episode. He vetoes chemo (it made him sick), but it’s unlikely that’s the last time we see him on Grey’s — or at Grey Sloan on either show — for medical treatment.

Greys Bailey heartbreak

Pruitt is there for Bailey’s heartbreaking miscarriage

While Bailey’s treating him, he notices she’s bleeding, and he’s the one by her side until Ben arrives.

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Jo becomes a safe haven volunteer

When a baby is left at Station 19, she meets several members of the house and shares conversations with Vic, Ben, and Jack. Considering she kept the baby at the end of the episode, it’s unclear if she’ll continue to hold that position, but it is a way to keep her interacting with the firefighters and paramedics beyond Ben.

Greys crash
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

The episode-ending crash

Jackson, Ben, Pruitt, Nico, Levi, Helm, Casey, and Blake are all at Joe’s when a car crashes into the bar, and as the promo shows, everyone’s going to be working together both inside and outside to help.

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 16, Episode 9 of Grey’s Anatomy, “Let’s All Go to the Bar.”]

Grey’s Anatomy ends the fall part of its 16th season with a bang — or rather, a crash.

After an hour of several shocks, the fall finale ended with a cliffhanger that will bring everyone from both Grey’s and Station 19 together to save their own. But that rescue effort (as seen in the promo below) isn’t the only storyline that was set up to create a more cohesive universe between the two shows going forward.

Click through the gallery for all the ways that the Grey’s fall finale created a link with Station 19 and its characters.

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