7 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters Who Should Probably Leave After Season 15

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Taryn Helm

It looked like Helm was going to get herself an interesting storyline when it became apparent she had a crush on Meredith, but that storyline was dropped almost immediately. Yes, she’s helpful to the attendings, but the writers haven’t made us care about the character like we want to.

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Nico Kim

We were really on the Nico train when he first arrived, especially after he started his romance with Schmitt. But, after this blow-up with his beau over wanting to move to San Francisco, it’s probably time for him to move on.

ABC/Eric McCandless

Tom Koracick

Koracick was a fun addition to the crew for a couple of episodes, but we’re pretty sure Teddy is ultimately going to leave him for Owen. Hopefully he doesn’t leave Seattle too heartbroken.


Carina DeLuca

Much like Koracick, Carina was a great character for only a little bit of time. She was at her most interesting when she was juggling hookups between Owen and Arizona, but as of late her character has gone MIA. The writers either need to give her something to do or set her character free.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Teddy Altman

Despite Teddy’s romance with Koracick this season, it’s clear she just needs to run off with Owen, their baby, and Leo and move someplace new. It’s time, Teddy. It’s time.

Grey's Anatomy - Kelly McCreary
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Maggie Pierce

Call us crazy, but the show hasn’t given Maggie an interesting storyline since her mother passed away back in Season 13. It’s nice for Meredith to have a sister around, but we’re not too invested in her relationship with Jackson. Unless they give Maggie a storyline with some real meat, it’s probably a good idea for her to move on.


Owen Hunt

After over 10 seasons, it’s time to say goodbye to Dr. Owen Hunt. We’ve exhausted pretty much every Owen storyline possible. How many more divorces can this man go through? We advise he take his son Leo and go find love somewhere outside of Seattle.

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Grey’s Anatomy has gone through its fair share of characters over the past 15 seasons, and there are some beloved doctors who can never leave the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial — we’re looking at you, Meredith Grey and Alex Karev.

However, there are a few characters who we think have run their course. Whether it’s that their storyline has run a bit cold or that they’re not our personal favorites, check out the gallery above to see the seven characters who should move on — hopefully with a happy ending! — after Season 15.

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