The 7 Most Inspiring Moments From ‘Good Trouble’ Season 1 (PHOTOS)

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Mariana starts Byte Club

After Mariana’s Speckulate coworker Raj tries to kiss her while asking for help with his work, Mariana feels completely disrespected and mistreated. Instead of brushing off the incident, Mariana stands up for herself and lets Raj know exactly how she feels. This then prompts her to fire off an email to the rest of the women at Speckulate, asking them to band together to fight their sexist work environment.


Callie refuses to cheat in order to impress her boss

When Callie attends a barbecue at Judge Wilson’s house, she quickly finds out she’s in for more than just good food. Callie’s boss challenges the clerks to a 20-questions guessing game of court cases and legal figures. Judge Wilson’s wife slips Callie the answer in an attempt to end the game early, but Callie refuses to use her new knowledge to cheat. While Callie may have taken the easy way out back in her The Fosters days, we were happy to see the new and improved Callie taking the high road — and the loss.


Alice comes out to her parents

Alice struggles to come out to her parents throughout the first season, so when she finally picks up the phone to call them, we couldn’t be prouder. To Alice’s surprise, her parents knew all along and were just waiting for her to be comfortable enough to tell them. Talk about a heartwarming moment!


Callie and Mariana’s moms visit

Stef and Lena visiting the Coterie gives Good Trouble fans all The Fosters feelings in this episode. While the moms provide some much-needed wisdom to their daughters about growing up and being adults, it’s the way Callie and Mariana urge Lena not to give up on her State Assembly campaign (after experiencing a horrible racist incident) that really inspires us.


Malika fights for Jamal Thompson

Throughout the entire first season of Good Trouble, Coterie resident Malika actively protests and fights for Jamal Thompson, a black teen killed by a white police officer. Even while dealing with plenty of personal turmoil of her own, even after she finds out some of Jamal’s deep-held prejudices, Malika remains passionate and persistent in her fight, proving her undeniable strength.


Davia tells off Jeff

Davia doesn’t have it easy in the relationship department in the first season. She gets involved with Jeff, a man from her hometown who also happens to be married. While we know Davia is worthy of someone who can fully commit to her, it takes her some time to understand this. So we were thrilled to see her tell Jeff there’s no way she moves back home just to be his mistress.


The ladies of Speckulate have each other’s backs

Mariana’s fight for equal pay takes a risky turn when she releases her salary spreadsheet, and a staff meeting is immediately called. Josh, the worst Spekulate employee probably ever, decides that Angela, head of HR and the person who gave Mariana the data she needed, should be publicly fired over the incident. Knowing how unfair that would be, Mariana confesses to hacking into the HR database to release the data. Every member of Byte club (plus Raj) stands up and says the same thing, securing their jobs and fighting for each other in the process.

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Our favorite Adams Foster sisters are set to return for Good Trouble Season 2 on June 18.

And while nothing is ever easy with Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), what better way to prepare for all the drama and tough times coming up than by taking a look back at Season 1?

Click through the gallery above to relive the most inspiring moments from the Freeform series’ first season.

Good Trouble, Season 2 Premiere, Tuesday, June 18, 8/7c, Freeform

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