9 Guest Stars We Missed at the ‘Friends’ Reunion

Friends Aisha Tyler Hank Azaria Paul Rudd Bruce Willis
NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection; © Warner Bros. / Courtesy: Everett Collection (2)

The Friends reunion featured more than just the six stars — Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler), and David Schwimmer (Ross). Some celebrity guests stopped by as well, including a few who appeared on the NBC hit comedy over its 10 seasons (1994-2004).

And while it was great to see Larry Hankin (Mr. Heckles), Reese Witherspoon (Rachel’s sister Jill), Thomas Lennon (Joey’s hand twin), Tom Selleck (Monica’s ex-boyfriend Richard), Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles (Monica and Ross’ parents), Maggie Wheeler (Chandler’s ex-girlfriend Janice), and James Michael Tyler (Gunther), we honestly could’ve done without the rest of the celebrities if it meant seeing others who appeared on Friends or spending a bit more time with those who were there.

Scroll down as we take a look at some of the guest stars we wish had made an appearance of some sort — reminiscing or even participating in the trivia game — during Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max.

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Friends - Paul Rudd as Mike and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe
Warner Bros. / Everett Collection

Paul Rudd

Mike, Phoebe’s husband

Friends - Jane Sibbett Carol David Schwimmer Ross Susan
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Jane Sibbett

Carol, Ross’s first ex-wife

Friends - Aisha Tyler Charlie Joey Ross
© NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Aisha Tyler

Charlie, Joey, then Ross’ girlfriend

Friends - Alexandra Holden, David Schwimmer, Bruce Willis - 'The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad'
Warner Bros. / Everett Collection

Bruce Willis

Paul Stevens, Rachel’s boyfriend and the father of Ross’ girlfriend Elizabeth

Friends - Hank Azaria as David and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe
NBC / Everett Collection

Hank Azaria

David, Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend

Friends Christina Applegate Amy Jennifer Aniston Rachel
© NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Christina Applegate

Amy, Rachel’s sister

Friends - Giovanni Ribisi as Phoebe's brother, Frank Buffay Jr.
Warner Bros. / Everett Collection

Giovanni Ribisi

Frank Buffay Jr., Phoebe’s brother

Friends - Paget Brewster as Kathy, Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Matthew Perry as Chandler
NBC/courtesy Everett Collection

Paget Brewster

Kathy, Joey, then Chandler’s girlfriend

Friends - Cole Mitchell Sprouse as Ben and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller - 'The One Where Chandler Can't Tip'
© Warner Bros. / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Cole Sprouse

Ben, Ross and Carol’s son