9 Things We Need From 'The Walking Dead' Series' Virtual SDCC Panels

Emily Hannemann
The Walking Dead
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

What a year it’s been, Walking Dead fans — and by “what a year,” we really mean, “what a bummer.” Plenty of franchise shows came to unexpected ends for their seasons when COVID-19 hit, but it feels like TWD lost the most. Ironic, isn’t it?

Not only were fans unable to catch the Season 10 finale, but the spinoffs, World Beyond and Fear the Walking Dead, were left unaired with either editing work to be done or, in Fear’s case, half of the season left to film. Yikes.

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Thankfully, San Diego Comic-Con hasn’t been canceled (it's just going virtual with [email protected]), so fans still have that to look forward to … and hopefully, the panels offer answers to questions we have. Here are nine things we’re hoping to find out when the cast and EPs take the virtual stage.