‘The Walking Dead’s Friends & Foes of the Last 10 Seasons

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With the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead yet to air due to the pandemic interrupting post-production and the latest episode ending on a brutal cliffhanger, AMC’s hit has us on the edge of our seats for who knows how long.

So for now, we’re left waiting to see how our heroes are going to make it out of Season 10 and what happens next against the Whisperers. But they’re just the latest in a vast history of enemies and allies that our favorite characters have encountered.

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Scroll down for a look at the major friends and foes from The Walking Dead‘s past and present.

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Rick's Group

(Season 1-Present)

Although it has changed drastically and evolved over time, obviously our main characters have been somewhat intact as a group. From the farm in the early days to the prison to Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) led our survivors through it all (but it wasn’t without losses and hardships). Speaking of, we still don’t know exactly where our hatchet-wielding, revolver-shooting former sheriff was transported after the Season 9 bridge explosion, but something tells us from Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) latest journey we will soon enough. (AMC we are all waiting.)

The Governor Walking Dead AMC

The Woodbury Army/The Governor's Militia

(Seasons 3-4)

One of the first major enemies of the Atlanta survivors, the fortified town of Woodbury started out as just another survivor community in Season 3 until tensions rose with captures and deaths on both sides. Their leader, known as The Governor (David Morrissey), led an onslaught against Rick’s group at the prison and became one of the first central villains to war against the group in the series. Season 4 saw him defeated after his attack with his army on the prison, but walkers forced Rick and the survivors to flee the facility and search for a new place to live. (By the way, we are still not over Hershel’s death.)

The Claimers Walking Dead

The Claimers

(Season 4)

Though a brief but brutal appearance in Season 4, Joe and the Claimers were a small group that got in the group’s way on their way to Terminus (remember that place? We’ll get there in a minute). A ruthless band of scavengers, the Claimers operated on a simple set of rules of taking things they find and brutalizing anyone who gets in their way. Turns out they messed with the wrong group and met their demise after Rick ran into them.

Terminus Walking Dead


(Seasons 4-5)

How could we forget about the cannibalistic group that tried to eat Rick and the group near the end of Season 4? After the fall of the prison, the broken survivors headed to what they thought was a ‘sanctuary for all,’ but it turned out to be a human steakhouse. Their leader Gareth (Andrew J. West) thankfully met his end in Season 5 when Rick ambushed the remnants of his group in a church after escaping Terminus.

Negan Walking Dead Saviors
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The Saviors

(Seasons 6-9)

One of the most devastating enemies in the entire Walking Dead franchise, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), his barbed-wire bat Lucille, and his army of Saviors crushed Rick’s group in Alexandria, as well as the neighboring factions. Using brutal tactics, killing members of Rick’s group for intimidation, and controlling supply and trade, Negan sparked the most violent conflict in the show’s history. Although his Saviors were wiped out, Negan was spared and actually plays a huge role in the latest season. Amazingly, he can even be considered likable at this point (but we will never forget about Glenn).

Hilltop Colony Walking Dead

Hilltop Colony

(Season 6-present)

This old school colonial style fort is home to farmers, blacksmiths and other survivors. The group was first introduced in Season 6 with Gregory (Xander Berkeley) their leader. Leadership has changed hands multiple times in the last few seasons, with Gregory dying, his predecessor Maggie (Lauren Cohan) leaving, her predecessor Jesus (Tom Payne) dying, and his replacement Tara (Alanna Masterson) dying. (Moral of the story: you do not want to be the leader of this group.) The colony is now led by a council and is a part of the coalition of communities of Alexandria, Oceanside, and the remnants of the Kingdom.

The Walking Dead Shiva Ezekiel
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The Kingdom

(Seasons 7-9)

What’s cooler than a Shakespeare-talking king with a pet tiger and an entire kingdom at his rule? The Kingdom was a survivor community that was allied with the coalition of Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside before its inhabitants eventually had to evacuate due to the camp falling into disrepair at the end of Season 9. King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and his people were later absorbed by the surrounding communities as they geared up to fight The Whisperers. Unfortunately, his tiger Shiva was eaten by walkers in Season 8 (again, a death we will never get over).

Pollyanna McIntosh Jadis Scavengers Walking Dead
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The Scavengers

(Seasons 7-8)

Commonly known as “The Garbage People,” Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her group of survivors lived in a junkyard and scavenged for supplies and weapons. They served a key role in the war against Negan, but the entire group other than Jadis was massacred by The Saviors. Jadis is still alive and out there—and the one who rescued Rick with the help of the mysterious helicopter she was in contact with. (Again, we are still waiting.)

Oceansiders Walking Dead


(Season 7-present)

Oceanside is an all-women community after the Saviors brutally murdered all of its male members. Originally hostile to any outsiders, the Oceansiders teamed up with the other communities to fight The Saviors and most recently, the Whisperers.

Whisperers Walking Dead
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Whisperers

(Season 9-Present)

Last but not least, we have probably the most terrifying group in the whole Walking Dead universe. This band of violent survivors wear walker skins and walk amongst the undead, using hordes of zombies to take out enemies. Their leader, Alpha (Samantha Morton), was a ruthless dictator who taught her subjects to not feel emotion. She was eventually killed by Negan in an attempt to help out the coalition of communities fighting The Whisperers (see, he does have some redeeming qualities). Currently, they are led by Beta (Ryan Hurst), and as of right now we are not sure what their fate will be or what the fate of our beloved characters will be as we wait for the Season 10 finale.