7 ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Characters We Want to See on ‘The Walking Dead’ (PHOTOS)

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Ryan Green/AMC
Ryan Green/AMC

Alicia Clark

Though we’d love to see Alicia taking on more of a leadership role in the group this season, eventually it’d be nice for her to be one of the characters who makes the jump to TWD. As one of the only remaining cast members from Fear’s first season, it would make sense for her to stick around as long as possible and to move with the franchise, wherever it ends up.

Ryan Green/AMC

Victor Strand

Strand should move to TWD because he’s too darn interesting not to. Colman Domingo’s smooth-talking, manipulative mastermind always has a trick up his sleeve… and a way out of a bad situation, if he needs it. It’d be cool to see him interact with characters who are less morally gray, like much of the main show group — though he might end up getting along with the recently reformed Negan.

Michael Desmond/AMC

Madison Clark

Yes, she’s technically dead, but hear me out. Fans have been calling for Madison’s return since the Season 4 midseason finale, her death was left open-ended, and Kim Dickens has said she’s willing to return. Wouldn’t a crossover be the perfect time to bring her back? She could somehow end up at the Commonwealth or just make her way to Alexandria (if Morgan can get to Texas, Madison can get to Virginia). Seeing her reunite with Alicia would be as heartwarming as seeing her learn about Nick’s death would be heartbreaking. And in terms of main show characters for her to mingle with, it’d be intriguing to see what type of dynamic she would have with Carol.

Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Daniel Salazar

Daniel’s return is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated aspects of Fear’s fifth season. But since he’s been around since the beginning, it’d be nice if he stuck around to make the trek to Virginia. It’s tricky to see where he’d fit in, given his moral grayness and general ruthlessness. Maybe he could be a foil to Negan?

Ryan Green/AMC

John Dorie

John is pure and good, and this zombie-infested universe needs more of that. For that reason (and because he’s pretty good with a gun), when the time comes, John should find a way to Alexandria or Hilltop along with Morgan and whoever else makes the journey. It’ll remain to be seen whether June accompanies him.

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Ryan Green/AMC


If Fear isn’t giving us Althea backstory, maybe the main show would. Al’s one of the most interesting new characters the show has introduced, but it’d be nice to know more about her and how she ended up with that SWAT tank. Plus, if she went to Virginia, she could record a ton of new stories!

Ryan Green/AMC


Given that Luci’s been around since Season 2 and is one of the last connections this group has to the late great Nick Clark, it’d be nice to see her stay on the show and go wherever its main characters go. They probably need someone in the communities who plays the accordion to accompany Alden when he sings.

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If Dwight and Morgan can make the trek to Texas, why can’t things work in reverse for the characters currently on Fear the Walking Dead?

Despite teasing a crossover last season with Morgan’s mentions of Alexandria, the group opted to stay and help survivors in the Austin area. Whether or not the benevolent band of survivors makes its way north, there are definitely characters from this spinoff that we’d like to make it to the main show at some point.

Here are seven characters from Fear that we think should spend some time on The Walking Dead.

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