‘FBI’ Puts One of the JOC’s Own in Danger — Get to Know the Analysts

Roshawn Franklin, Alana De La Garza, Vedette Lim, and James Chen in 'FBI'
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FBI shines the spotlight on the JOC (Joint Operations Center) analysts — Kelly Moran (Taylor Anthony Miller), Elise Taylor (Vedette Lim), Ian Lim (James Chen), and Agent Hobbs (Roshawn Franklin), seen each week, with Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine (Jeremy Sisto), finding the intel the team needs — in the January 10 episode.

“The JOC analysts play a critical role on the team, but of course, they don’t see the kind of action our field agents face day to day. But they’re still FBI – they have the instinct and drive to do what they can to help keep people safe,” executive producer Rick Eid tells TV Insider. “This episode is about different types of heroes, and it felt natural to explore that by showcasing what the JOC analysts are capable of.”

In “Heroes,” the team jumps into action when Kelly is taken hostage. Elise has been in danger in the past, but why has it been Kelly this time? It all connects back to the relationship he has with Jubal.

“Kelly has a special, mentor-mentee sort of relationship with Jubal, and we’ve seen them look out for each other in small ways in the past. Kelly definitely admires Jubal — which means he respects his direction but also wants to impress him. That creates an interesting dynamic when Kelly’s in a position where he gets to play hero, and Jubal is the one who needs to guide him through it,” Eid explains.

With one of their own in danger, that puts the pressure on the others to not only get the job done but also make sure Kelly gets out alive. “The team is very protective of the JOC analysts. The emotional stakes are heightened when one of their own is in trouble, plus there’s an added sense of danger since analysts don’t have the same level of field training,” the EP says.

Not only do “Isobel [Alana De La Garza] and Jubal, in particular, feel responsible for bringing Kelly home safe,” but, he continues, “his fellow analysts back in the JOC will be under significant pressure to operate at the top of their game.”

Scroll down to get to know the four JOC analysts and how each will handle this unique situation in “Heroes.”

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Taylor Anthony Miller in 'FBI'
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Kelly Moran (Taylor Anthony Miller)

Kelly in Miller’s Own Words: “Kelly’s kind of a scrappy whiz kid. He utilizes all of the technology and resources that the government has to offer to help out his people in the field, and ultimately helps bring down the bad guys.”

How He Handles Being in Danger: “Kelly’s like a sponge. He has taken in a lot in the JOC and looks to Jubal especially as a mentor. The trust that Kelly has in Jubal and the rest of the team calms his nerves. He’s pretty quick on his feet too, which helps,” Miller says. And with this situation a new one — he’s not used to facing weapons — “he desperately tries to keep his cool, but when the situation escalates, he starts to run out of options.”

Is He Completely Without the FBI? “Let’s just Kelly’s fast typing skills come in handy!” Miller teases.

Vedette Lim in 'FBI'
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Elise Taylor (Vedette Lim)

Elise in Lim’s Own Words: “As a highly skilled FBI analyst, Elise utilizes all available data to make logical inferences in an effort to create a clearer picture of the situation to help the team solve the case.”

How She Handles Kelly in Danger: Elise knows life-or-death — and hostage — situations: She had a bomb collar around her neck in Season 3. That “only amplifies her commitment to getting Kelly out of danger,” according to Lim. “Elise must employ the tools she learned during her bout with PTSD to remain calm and focused.”

How She Steps Up Without Kelly in the JOC: “Elise has to help shoulder the weight of Kelly’s absence and work quickly to identity the links and connections between the suspects to uncover their motivation and help the special agents diffuse the situation,” Lim previews.

James Chen as Ian Lim in 'FBI' - 'Heroes'
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Ian Lim (James Chen)

Ian in Chen’s Own Words: “Ian white hat hacks his way through the digital footprints of the ethically challenged — usually against a ticking clock!”

How He Handles Kelly in Danger: “Ever heard the saying, ‘A little healthy fear is good for you?’ I hate that saying,” Chen admits, but “the sweat on his palms just reminds Ian that he cares!” Plus, “you tell Kelly Moran he’s gonna be just fine — ’cause he owes Ian a coffee, and he’s not getting out of it!”

How He Steps Up Without Kelly in the JOC: Ian’s going to have his hands full since high-end security systems use the latest tech. “But Ian didn’t join the FBI for cakewalks,” Chen says. “Ian’s in the conference room growing a third arm to get through all the security design specs, and the analyst hive is extra buzzy behind him to make up for Kelly. The day just feels off without a random #farmboy reference from him.”

Roshawn Franklin in 'FBI'
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Agent Hobbs (Roshawn Franklin)

Hobbs in Franklin’s Own Words: “Hobbs is the ultimate team player who genuinely cares about his colleagues, and he will do whatever it takes to help solve any case at hand.”

How He Handles Kelly in Danger: “Moran is not only on Hobbs’ team ‘JOC’ but is a good friend as well. So this brings a sense of urgency and desperation to help bring him home safe and unharmed,” Franklin says.

How He Steps Up Without Kelly in the JOC: Hobbs steps up in a major way. “A lot of the Analytics and expertise that we usually rely on Moran to assist in has now been brought to Hobbs’ table to take care of,” Franklin previews. “[He] is working double duties with an extreme sense of urgency to help his colleague and friend escape this dire situation.”