‘Escape at Dannemora’: The TV Characters vs. Their Real-Life Counterparts (PHOTOS)

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Escape at Dannemora collage
Christopher Saunders/SHOWTIME & G.N. Miller - Pool/Getty Images
Paul Dano as David Sweat in Escape at Dannemora
Chris Saunders/SHOWTIME

Paul Dano as David Sweat

Dano portrays Sweat, who famously escaped the prison in June of 2015. He also shares an intimate relationship with prison worker “Tilly” in the series.

Convicted Murderers Escape From New York State Prison
New York State Police via Getty Images

David Sweat

Real-life convicted killer Sweat was in prison for life without parole, but escaped with fellow inmate Richard Matt in 2015. It took authorities more than 20 days to find him.

Chris Saunders/SHOWTIME

Benicio Del Toro as Richard Matt

Del Toro portrays convicted killer Richard Matt, the so-called “head-honcho” of his cell block. He gives off some serious mobster vibes in this role, with his slicked-back hair and eerily calm but threatening demeanor.

Convicted Murderers Escape From New York State Prison
New York State Police, via Getty Images

Richard Matt

Fellow escapee Matt was serving a 25-to-life sentence at Clinton Correctional before making a break in 2015.

Patricia Arquette as Tilly in Escape At Dannemora
Christopher Saunders/SHOWTIME

Patricia Arquette as Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell

In the series, Arquette portrays middle-aged wife, mother, and adventure-seeker “Tilly.” She dabbles in illegal affairs with inmates Sweat and Matt.

Joyce Mitchell - Manhunt Continues For Two Prisoners That Broke Out Of New York State Prison
G.N. Miller - Pool/Getty Images

Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell

The real-life “Tilly” famously met with the police multiple times to give tips on the men, but landed herself in hot water when they caught on to her involvement.

Eric Lange as Lyle Mitchell in Escape at Dannemora - Episode 4
Christopher Saunders/SHOWTIME

Eric Lange as Lyle Mitchell

Known for his roles in Narcos, Lost, and Waco, Lange plays husband to Arquette’s “Tilly.” Observing her odd behavior, Lange captures the simple but perceptive temperament of the upstate dweller.

Escape at Dannemora-Lyle Mitchell

Lyle Mitchell

Husband to Joyce “Tilly” Mitchell, Lyle stood by his wife following the scandal claiming she was forced to do the things against her will even if one of those included a plot to kill him.

Chris Saunders/SHOWTIME

Bonnie Hunt as Catherine Leahy Scott

As the New York State Inspector General, Hunt’s character is tasked with uncovering the mystery behind Sweat and Matt’s escape by questioning “Tilly.”

New York State Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott attends the 'Escape At Dannemora' New York Series Premiere
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Catherine Leahy Scott

One of the leads in the case’s investigation, Scott worked closely with “Tilly” on gathering information about the escape.

Chris Saunders/SHOWTIME

David Morse as Gene Palmer

One of the prison guards at Clinton Correctional, he has a close relationship with Matt and traded a painting in exchange for provisions and favors.

Gene Palmer, 57, of Dannemora, NY poses for a mugshot photo after he was arrested in connection with the jailbreak at the Clinton Correctional Facility Correction
New York State Police via Getty Images

Gene Palmer

The real-life Palmer wound up in prison, much like “Tilly,” for his admitted involvement in the escape.

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Showtime’s new miniseries Escape at Dannemora tells the true story of the 2015 prison break of two inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, painting an intricate portrait of the people involved.

With an all-star cast that includes Oscar-winners Patricia Arquette and Benicio Del Toro as well as Golden Globe-nominee Paul Dano, the series has managed to find the perfect people to play these roles. And a side-by-side comparison only confirms the wonderful casting.

Click through the images above to see how the actors in character vs. their real-life counterparts measure up!

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