‘Emily in Paris’: Where Season 3 Left Couples & What Could Be Next

Camille Razat, Lucas Bravo, Lucien Laviscount, and Lily Collins in 'Emily in Paris'
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for all of Emily in Paris Season 3.]

The complication of Emily (Lily Collins) trying to handle two bosses — Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and Madeline (Kate Walsh) — at the beginning of Season 3 has nothing on where the Netflix series leaves most of the romances. (It’s a good thing it’s already been renewed for a fourth season.)

Over the 10 episodes of Emily in Paris Season 3, there are new romances, reignited flames, drunken confessions, an affair, and a near-wedding. And by the end of it, two love triangles may be over for good, while multiple characters may be on the road to happiness.

Scroll down as we recap where Season 3 left the main couples and pose a major question for each going forward.

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Lucas Bravo and Camille Razat in 'Emily in Paris'
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Gabriel & Camille

Where Season 3 left them: Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) were moments from being married — he’d already said his vows — when she surprised him by telling him, in front of everyone, “You don’t have to do this.” Rather, she told him about the pact she’d made with Emily and called them both out on their feelings for one another before walking away. However, in the final moments of the season, Gabriel revealed to Emily that Camille’s pregnant!

Question for Season 4: Assuming she decides to have the baby and depending on what they decide about raising the child, is coparenting in Gabriel and Camille’s future?

Lily Collins and Lucien Laviscount in 'Emily in Paris'
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Emily & Alfie

Where Season 3 left them: After things seemed to be heading in the right direction for the two — including telling his parents about her — Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) was present for Camille’s bombshell during the wedding about Emily and Gabriel’s feelings for one another. “I knew there was something,” Alfie told Emily. “I’m nobody’s second choice, Cooper. Go get your man.” Thought she tried to argue he was her man, he could see the truth: “I’m not. I don’t think I ever really was.” And with that, he walked away.

Question for Season 4: Is Alfie truly out of Emily’s life?

Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo in 'Emily in Paris'
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Emily & Gabriel

Where Season 3 left them: After Gabriel’s confession while drunk, Emily knew that he had feelings for her … and then Camille made sure she (and everyone else attending her wedding!) did, too. “You and Emily have been in love with each other since the moment that you met. I can see it in your eyes. The way she looks at you. The way you look at her. Anyone can see it. so no, I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you. And it’s time we all just stop pretending,” Camille said. And later, Emily and Gabriel did talk about their feelings for one another … only for him to then tell her about Camille’s pregnancy.

Question for Season 4: Will Emily and Gabriel (finally) be together, or will there be new obstacles?

Melia Kreiling and Camille Razat in 'Emily in Paris'
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Camille & Sofia

Where Season 3 left them: Camille connected with artist Sofia (Melia Kreiling), who made it clear she wasn’t ready for what they had to end and planned to be in Paris “often.” But Camille insisted, “it was just a fling, it was nothing, and now it’s over, just like you and Gabriel,” when Emily admitted she’d seen the two women kissing. However, it was after that that Camille called off the wedding, so…

Question for Season 4: Will Camille and Sofia now have the chance to be together — and will we see it?

Paul Forman and Ashley Park in 'Emily in Paris'
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Mindy & Nicolas

Where Season 3 left them: Mindy (Ashley Park) called Nicholas (Paul Forman) out on his treatment of Emily and insisted he join her at Camille and Gabriel’s engagement party to make nice with her best friend. And just as it looked like the result of her leaving him to “think hard” about the choice he made regarding his plans for that day would be the end of their relationship, he showed up, with a helicopter, to get them there in time.

Question for Season 4: Do Mindy and Nicolas truly have a future, or will he and Emily continue to clash and force Mindy to make a choice (which we know would be her roommate and best friend)?

Kevin Dias and Ashley Park in 'Emily in Paris'
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Mindy & Benoît

Where Season 3 left them: The two reconnected just before Nicolas called Mindy in the finale, when Benoît (Kevin Dias) revealed the real reason he didn’t want to sell “Mon Soleil”: He submitted it to the Eurovision Song Contest and didn’t want to say anything in case it wasn’t chosen… but it was! The two hugged and shared a moment, but then Nicolas’ call interrupted them.

Question for Season 4: Could Eurovision bring Mindy and Benoît back together?

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu and Arnold Binard in 'Emily in Paris'
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Sylvie & Laurent

Where Season 3 left them: The two reconnected, then spent their anniversary together. In the finale, he revealed plans to open a Laurent G in Paris, so he’d be around more. Private membership clubs are the hottest thing, Sylvie knows, and she could bring in the fashion club. Laurent (Arnaud Binard) said they’d be a team. They were looking forward to the future, and Sylvie was happy, but…

Question for Season 4: Will that happiness last?