6 UnSubs ‘Criminal Minds’ Should Revisit in the Final Season (PHOTOS)

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CM UnSubs revisit
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CM Shane Wyland

Shane Wyland

“Into the Woods” (Season 6, Episode 9)

Though they knew who the pedophile hunting on the Appalachian Trail was, he was still out there at the end of the episode. The team assumed he took off to avoid the police. They brought him up in the Season 12 episode, “Keeper,” but the body parts found didn’t belong to a child, ruling out Shane.

Guest Stars
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Darlene Beckett

“The Pact” (Season 8, Episode 2)

Darlene (Kim Wayans, above left) and Ellen (Mackenzie Phillips) were vigilantes who believed they had to set the justice system right. While Ellen was arrested after they completed their plan, Darlene escaped. “We’ll get her, too,” Rossi said as Ellen was cuffed. Time is running out if the series plans to make good on that promise.

CM Blood Relations UnSub

Unnamed UnSub

“Blood Relations” (Season 9, Episode 20)

A product of incest, this unnamed UnSub targeted members of his family. Though Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) fought him, he escaped — and had found his next victims in the final scene of the episode.

CM Foyet Lewis
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Foyet & Mr. Scratch

First episodes: “Omnivore” (Season 4, Episode 18) and “Mr. Scratch” (Season 10, Episode 21)

These were easily two of the most horrifying UnSubs of the entire series, and while there’s no reason to revisit their crimes through copycats, their impact on the show and the team needs to be recognized in some way, perhaps even in the same episode, before the end.

CM Everett Lynch

Everett Lynch

“Chameleon” (Season 14, Episode 13)

The UnSub that could have taken Rossi’s face but instead left him with a reminder that he decided to leave him alive is still out there. And the stage is set for the profiler to face off with his latest nemesis again in the final season. It’s just a question of when.

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Criminal Minds is saying goodbye with its upcoming 15th season, and what better way to celebrate the series as a whole than revisiting some UnSubs from the past 14 years?

In a couple cases, the UnSubs made it personal for the team, targeting one or more of them and even claiming the life of a loved one in an unforgettable sequence in the 100th episode.

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In some cases, these are UnSubs who are still out there — serial killers the BAU wasn’t able to put away like they did so many others.

Click through the gallery above to see the UnSubs we’d like to see the series at least mention in a significant manner at some point in its final season.

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