Tough As Nails! A Look Behind the Scenes of Niecy Nash's New TNT Series 'Claws'

Jim Halterman

Nail salons are well-known for a few things: acrylic designs, French manicures, juicy gossip—and, in TNT’s darkly funny new series Claws, a healthy dose of disreputable crime. Niecy Nash plays Desna Simms, a Florida salon proprietor with big dreams that keep getting derailed despite her best efforts. “You meet her at a point in time where she’s trying to get off the ride of money laundering,” Nash says, “but she is continually sucked back in by [the Mafia].” The Reno 911! vet and her costars take us inside the New Orleans set to show us all the fun at their fingertips.

Claws, Premieres, Sunday, June 11, 9/8c, TNT