The 10 ‘Chuck’ Guest Stars You’ve Probably Forgotten About

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CHUCK - Zachary Levi, Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

The National Lampoon star appeared as antagonist Ted Roark, nemesis to Chuck’s father Stephen (played by recurring guest star Scott Bakula) who comes head-to-head with the Bartowski men when he kidnaps them to assist him in creating an Intersect for hostile organization Fulcrum. Of course, it isn’t until he threatens to kill Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) that Roark is arrested and later executed.

Chuck - Zachary Levi, Mark Hamill
Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Greg Gayne

Mark Hamill

The Star Wars star dropped by for the Season 5 premiere episode, playing a heavily-accented thief name Jean-Claude who was responsible for having stolen a priceless vase with a stolen microchip.

Chuck - Zachary Levi, Rachel Bilson
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Rachel Bilson

A deli owner with phone problems, Lou Palone was a two-episode love interest for Chuck in the show’s first season. Unfortunately, for him, she didn’t stick around and we were stuck with Chuck and Sarah’s constant back and forth (which of course we loved, but still).

Chuck - Nicole Richie
Byron Cohen/NBC

Nicole Richie

The current Great News star appeared on Chuck for two episodes as Heather Chandler, Sarah’s nemesis. A former cheerleader with more bite than bark, Heather was discovered to be a Volkoff spy. But not before we got a great episode at Heather (previously known as Jenny) and Sarah’s high school reunion.

Chuck - Zachary Levi, Jordana Brewster
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Jordana Brewster

Brewster broke our hearts as Chuck’s ex-girlfriend Dr. Jill Roberts, a Fulcrum agent who just kept ruining Chuck’s life over and over again until she finally vanished.

CHUCK - Andy Richter
Adam Taylor/NBC

Andy Richter

While Chuck and Sarah are undercover in suburbia, they’re captured by undercover Fulcrum agents played by Richter and Jenny McCarthy. To see Richter go from a “stationary salesman” to a taser-happy baddie is definitely worth seeing.

Chuck - Zachary Levi Christopher Lloyd
Jordin Althaus/NBC

Christopher Lloyd

Lloyd appears as Dr. Leo Dreyfus and delivers the news that no one wants to hear: the intersect in Chuck’s brain could potentially cause mental deterioration. His character name is a callback to the character Dr. Leo Marvin played Richard Dreyfuss in What About Bob.

Chuck - Zachary Levi, Lou Ferrigno
Dean Hendler/NBC

Lou Ferrigno

In Season 4, Chuck and Sarah go undercover during fashion week. Ferrigno of course, is playing a Volkoff agent’s longtime bodyguard who has an amusing encounter when he accidentally professes his love for his client to Sarah.

Chuck - John Larroquette, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski
Chris Haston/NBC

John Larroquette

Larroquette played Roan Montgomery, a Casanova CIA agent who has a romantic history with General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) and chooses to use his power of seduction over any other weapon at his disposal. Oh and he drinks martinis, because of course he does.

Chuck - Lou Diamond Phillips
Adam Rose/NBC

Lou Diamond Phillips

Phillips plays Augusto Gaez, the arch-nemesis to Sarah’s female spy team, C.A.T. Squad in Season 4’s Charlie’s Angels-inspired episode. Honestly, we would’ve been cool if this was a backdoor pilot to a glamsquad-focused series.

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Alright, Nerd Herders, who’s ready for a Chuck throwback? The NBC action-comedy is celebrating its 10-year anniversary on Sunday, and we’re feeling nostalgic for Chuck Bartowski and co.

Led by Zachary Levi as the title character—an average nerd whose brain is embedded with United States spy secrets—the series originally premiered on September 24, 2007. After five seasons of CIA missions (under the direction of The Handmaid’s Tale star Yvonne Strahovski), Buy More employee hijinks and Bartowski family heart-to-hearts, Chuck bid adieu in 2012 with an emotionally devastating two-hour finale (Seriously though).

One of the many things fans agree was great about Chuck was the series’ many guest stars. Even recurring cast, like Matt Bomer as Chuck’s college roommate and the catalyst for the entire series, Tony Hale as the obnoxious Buy More manager Emmett Milbarge and many more were delightful additions to the show’s ensemble.

Click through the gallery above to reminisce about 10 of Chuck‘s many guest stars.