Where 8 One Chicago Romances Left Off (PHOTOS)

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One Chicago romances
Elizabeth Morris/NBC; Elizabeth Sisson/NBC; Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Chicago P.D. - Season 6
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Hailey and Ruzek (Chicago P.D.)

They took a break near the end of Season 6. However, Ruzek was arrested at the end of the season, so he has more important things to worry about than his love life.

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

April and Ethan (Chicago Med)

Caring for his sister’s baby may have ended up being good practice for Ethan and his own child because as the season ended, April told him her period was late.

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Connor and Ava (Chicago Med)

This relationship has been done for quite a while — and Connor reiterated that fact in the finale, only for Ava to think they could be together again because his father was dead.

Chicago Med Philip Natalie

Natalie and Philip (Chicago Med)

Philip was planning to propose, but Natalie had a certain doctor on her mind in the final scene of the season…

Chicago Med - Season 4
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Natalie and Will (Chicago Med)

After Ingrid ended things with Will and told Natalie she’d be a fool not to take him back, Natalie caught up to the doctor in his car. But before they could talk about anything, Tim Burke T-boned his car and Natalie was injured.

Chicago Fire - Season 7
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Severide and Kidd (Chicago Fire)

The two got back together before the big fire in the mattress factory in the season finale, and we can only hope that “pretty perfect” continues.

Chicago Fire - Season 7
Adrian Burrows/NBC

Brett and Kyle (Chicago Fire)

The two split up earlier in the season because of his role in the firehouse. And now, he’s taking a job in another state. But still, Kyle proposed to Brett in the finale — and she said yes.

Chicago Fire - Season 7
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Casey and Brett (Chicago Fire)

On the one hand, the two getting together seemed inevitable. On the other hand, Brett is now engaged to another man but those signs at the end of Season 7 could still be leading somewhere.

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The drama of the One Chicago shows doesn’t just come from life-and-death situations. The love lives of these first responders get a little crazy as well.

In addition to some of the characters’ lives being in danger at the end of Chicago Med Season 4, Chicago Fire Season 7, and Chicago P.D. Season 6, the key relationships weren’t all in the best place. Sure, one couple reunited before things went up in flames on one show, but for most of the romances, things got complicated.

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Click through the gallery above for a refresher on One Chicago’s key relationships going into the new seasons.

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