6 Best 'The Bold Type' Female Friendship Moments (PHOTOS)

Molly Baxter

Last summer, we met (and fell in love with) the women of Scarlet Magazine in Freeform's The Bold Type. From their clothes to their apartments to their glamorous office, there's a lot to envy about the lives of besties/coworkers Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Aisha Dee), and Sutton (Meghann Fahy). But the most enviable of all has to be the strong, genuine friendship they share.

With the Season 2 premiere right around the corner, fans don't have to wait too much longer to be reunited with this girl squad (Taylor Swift who?). In the meantime, we took a look back at some of the best female friendship moments on the show... so far.

From that first meeting in the Scarlet closet to the infamous subway scream — in formalwear! Toto, we're not in Colorado anymore — these three former assistants have given us more than a fair share of #friendshipgoals. Click through the gallery to see a handful of our favorites!

The Bold Type, Season 2 Premiere, Tuesday, June 12, 8/7c, Freeform