The 9 Best and Worst ‘Walking Dead’ Romances (PHOTOS)

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Gene Page/AMC, Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Gene Page/AMC

BEST: Rick and Michonne

Rick and Michonne are the iconic couple of The Walking Dead. Fans had wanted them together for years — since the show’s third season — and their relationship has only grown stronger since their first kiss in Season 6. Though they’re likely headed down a sad path with Rick’s imminent departure, the love they have for each other and the support they give each other will always merit celebrating.

Gene Page/AMC

WORST: Rick and Lori

Rick and Lori might not have always been a bad pairing, but toward the end of their relationship it became clear they just weren’t clicking. These two fought more than they got along, and never seemed to agree on the right way to do things. Rick’s reaction to her death was heartbreaking, though.

Gene Page/AMC

BEST: Glenn and Maggie

The farm girl and the (former) pizza boy. Glenn didn’t think he had a chance with Maggie until she made the first move, but since then their relationship was incredibly sweet and wholesome. Glenn and Maggie were the first couple to show that love could blossom during the apocalypse, even if it meant risking heartbreak; unfortunately, that heartbreak arrived in the form of Negan’s bat.

Gene Page/AMC

WORST: Andrea and The Governor

Why, oh why, oh why did this have to happen? There was never any doubt that a relationship with The Governor would end badly, and yet Andrea continued to be with him even once she knew what he was. Granted, she did try to use their relationship as a means of assassinating him, but that didn’t go well and eventually led to her death.

Gene Page/AMC

BEST: Sasha and Abraham

An unexpected pairing, but one that worked on a number of levels. Though some fans weren’t necessarily pleased with the way Abraham left Rosita for Sasha, it was clear Sasha and Abe had more in common. They had both endured pretty deep traumas and appreciated each other’s strength and fighting skills.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

ON THE FENCE: Father Gabriel and Jadis

Well, that certainly happened fast. Father Gabriel and Jadis hooked up over the course of a single episode, though they did have some dialogue in a previous installment that might have hinted at the growing attraction between them. Of course, any romantic mood was promptly soured by Jadis’ attempt to kill him. It remains to be seen whether her feelings for Gabe were genuine.

Gene Page/AMC

BEST: Lucille and Negan

Okay, Lucille and Negan aren’t really a romantic pairing by default. But if the scene with Negan in his prison cell made anything clear, it’s that he truly loves his bat, and by extension, he did love his late wife. Negan’s lost without his Lucille, and it remains to be seen whether “she’ll” return to him.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

ON THE FENCE: Carol and Ezekiel

Carol and Ezekiel are so, so sweet, and so, so unexpected. Many fans were taken by surprise when Carol pulled The King in for a kiss after his near-death experience in the museum — and while some wholeheartedly embraced the new relationship, others are still holding out for a romance between Carol and Daryl. For now, Carol seems quite happy with Ezekiel.

Gene Page/AMC

WORST: Rick and Jessie

It was in the comics, but that didn’t mean it was fun to watch on the show. In an arc that felt far longer than it took, Rick decided he had feelings for Jessie, who was married to an abusive husband. At this point many fans already wanted Rick with Michonne, and seeing him doggedly pursue a woman who didn’t understand the apocalypse or Rick, really, grew tiring.

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Who says you can’t find love in the zombie apocalypse?

For better or worse, these pairings did — some fans loved, some fans hated and some fans aren’t sure what to make of just yet.

Here are 9 Walking Dead relationships that have made us swoon, made us cry, made us annoyed or left us confused.