Get a First Look at Netflix’s ‘Dancing with the Birds’ Documentary (VIDEO)


Unlike some other nature documentaries, Netflix’s upcoming Dancing with the Birds focuses on one particular aspect of the animal world: mating rituals.

But the streamer’s new doc isn’t highlighting the mating rituals for all species. Instead, the new project from the team behind Our Planet is exploring the mating rituals between birds-of-paradise. Narrated by Stephen Fry, Dancing with the Birds debuts Wednesday, October 23.

From dances and calls to flashing some feathers, viewers are in for a real treat as the vibrant birds aim to impress. And according to Netflix, Dancing with the Birds “takes a delightful look at nature’s most wondrous gentleman callers.”

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The producers of the project also talk about making a docuseries of 'our time.'

One such gentleman caller can be seen in an exclusive first look at the film below as the bowerbird mimics sounds heard from the world around him. “He must now give her his full repertoire,” Fry narrates as the gold-and-green-feathered bird tilts its head back to begin.

(Credit: Netflix)

Among the various sounds the male makes are the songs of forest birds, chopping wood, people talking, and children playing. But will those various sounds be enough to attract a female? Find out by watching the clip below and don’t miss Dancing with the Birds when it launches on Netflix.

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