7 of the Best Ships from Sci-Fi TV Shows (PHOTOS)

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Starship Enterprise NCC 1701 Star Trek Razorback Expanse
NBC; Amazon
Star Trek Ship Starship Enterprise NCC 1701

Starship Enterprise NCC 1701, Star Trek

This list couldn’t be made without including this version of the Starship Enterprise (the version commanded by Captain Kirk). It was one of the earliest TV spaceships, and in all its various iterations, it boldly goes where no other vessel has gone before.

Battlestar Galactica Ship Syfy

Battlestar Galactica, Battlestar Galactica

If you didn’t tear up when Galactica made its last voyage into the sun, you might just be a Cylon. This ship was as much of a character on the SyFy drama as Starbuck, the Adamas, Laura Roslin and the rest of ‘em. So say we all.

Expanse Amazon Rocinante

The Rocinante, The Expanse

She’s a legitimate salvage! The Roci has sure seen a lot since its MCRN days, and now, it’s not just a ship: it’s the place Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex call home. She’s quite a bada**, too.

Expanse Ship Amazon Razorback

The Razorback, The Expanse

Speaking of bada** ships on The Expanse, The Razorback is pretty awesome; it’s a sleek, stunning, speedy vessel. It’s also central to the narrative since it was once Julie Mao’s, so it’s a highly plot-relevant ship. “Can’t take the Razorback…”

Firefly Serenity Ship

Serenity, Firefly

A perhaps unconventional design, but it’s one Firefly’s fans have grown to love — so much so, in fact, that it’s had various models, Christmas ornaments and other merchandise based on it. Plus, it has made cameos in other shows and movies.

Doctor Who Series 11 Tardis Interior
Ben Blackall/BBC Studios 2018

The TARDIS, Doctor Who

In a franchise of rotating actors and main characters, this ship is a true constant. After all, the TARDIS has been around for decades — and it really is bigger on the inside, isn’t it?

Disney Plus Mandalorian Razor Crest

The Razor Crest, The Mandalorian

It’s not quite the Millenium Falcon, but Mando’s ship is pretty cool (at least now that it’s been put back together — darn Jawas). It’s definitely gotten him and Baby Yoda out of some sticky situations, and it’s able to function after taking plenty of damage. The Razor Crest is quite a trooper, all things considered.

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If you clicked on this gallery thinking it’d be about relationships… okay, this isn’t the article you’re looking for.

But wait! Don’t click away! Spaceships on our favorite sci-fi programs have a pretty thankless job: they ferry characters safely (well, mostly safely) from one destination to another and usually the only time they end up being plot-relevant is when something breaks down. That being said, these vessels typically end up becoming a member of “the crew” in and of themselves. What would Star Trek be without the Enterprise or Star Wars without the Millennium Falcon?

With that machine-human — or machine-nonhuman, depending on the show — bond in mind, we’ve chosen seven of our favorite ships from sci-fi shows in the gallery above.