Best Lines of the Week (April 1-7): ‘The Kardashian Machine’


From reality to drama and competition, this week has been an exciting one to watch.

The Kardashians are back for an ABC News special where Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, with ‘Momager’ Kris Jenner, talk about the rise of “Kardashian Inc.,” while The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is the new reality series that challenges couples’ loyalty and keeps us hooked ’till the end!

Elle Fanning‘s performance in The Girl From Plainville is astounding in every episode, but we can’t forget Renée Zellweger‘s chilling character in The Thing About Pam. And a fun watch this week was Netflix‘s Get Organized With The Home Edit, as Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer continue their inspirational home organizing show.

Keep reading to find out which lines stood out to us this week!


The Dropout (Hulu)

“I’ve had to put bulletproof glass on my office windows. Yeah, like the White House.”

— Elizabeth (Amanda Seyfried) has taken precautions after receiving death threats since the The Wall Street Journal article exposed Theranos.


The Thing About Pam (NBC)

“The past is a powerful thing. How it shapes us, changes us. And of course, how it can inform the future.” 

— Narrator Keith Morrison as Pam (Zellweger) drags a suspicious garbage bag through the Florida Everglades


The Kardashians: An ABC ​​News Special (ABC)

“You can’t predict the magnitude of what this machine is: the Kardashian machine.”

— Khloe Kardashian’s description of her family’s legacy


Priscilla Quintana in Good Trouble

Good Trouble (Freeform)

“It’s a little bear burrito. It’s a bear-ito!”

— Isabella (Priscilla Quintana) and Gael (Tommy Martinez) learning how to wrap a baby with a blanket


The Good Doctor (ABC)

Asher: “Of course you were a goth. How many times did you see The Cure?”

Lim: “Four. Robert Smith was like the leader of our tribe. Every lonely teen needs a tribe.”

— The two doctors (Noah Galvin and Christina Chang) try to relate to the teen on whom they are operating 



The Girl From Plainville (Hulu)

Michelle: “What am I supposed to do?”

Cataldo: “Read a book.”

— After attorney Cataldo (Michael Mosley) advises Michelle (Fanning) to stay off her phone and refrain from contacting anyone


Get Organized With The Home Edit (Netflix)

“If you have eight can openers in your personal home, I want to talk to you about that and I really want to see into your soul.”

— Anastasia, one of the organizers



The Invisible Pilot (HBO Max)

“I’ll tell you this: The story of Gary Betzner is proof that truth is stranger than fiction. And it could only have happened in America.”

— Producer Craig Hodges narrating the opening of the documented story of Gary Betzner

USA Network

Temptation Island (USA Network)

“[I’m] just scared of the unknown. I like to always know what’s going to happen, but that’s not life.”

— Ashley as she expresses her interest for Blake and fears what’s to come


The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (Netflix)

“I am worth her whole heart. And if she can’t see that then I need to find somebody else who can.”

— Colby opens up about what he wants in his relationship with Madlyn