Best Lines of the Week (Jan. 23 – 30): ‘The Wave Returns to the Ocean’

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Will Heath/NBC; Colleen Hayes/NBC; Francis Specker/CBS
Alicia Keys - 2020 Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards (CBS)

“It’s a new decade. It’s time for newness. And we refuse the negative energy. We refuse the old systems. You feel me on that?”

–Alicia Keys addresses recent controversy in the Recording Academy during her opening speech.

Adam Driver Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (NBC)

“I was yelling, I was crying, I punched, I sang. All four emotions.”

–In his monologue, Adam Driver describes how hard he acted this past year.

Chidi Eleanor Good Place Finale

The Good Place (NBC)

“The wave returns to the ocean, where it came from, and where it’s supposed to be.”

–Chidi (William Jackson Harper) gives a final emotional speech to Eleanor (Kristen Bell) on The Good Place series finale.

Doctor Who Captain Jack
BBC America

Doctor Who (BBC America)

“You missed me, right?”

–Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) makes his first appearance on the show since 2010.

Avenue 5 - Zach Woods

Avenue 5 (HBO)

“Those aren’t zombies. Those are just the dismembered bodies of our departed friends.”

–Matt Spencer (Zach Woods) tries to calm down some freaked-out passengers.

Shrill Aidy Bryant

Shrill (Hulu)

“I’m a f***ing bitch, and I LOVE IT!”

–Annie (Aidy Bryant) bursts into her boyfriend’s house with a bold declaration.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)

“Being Queen of Hell isn’t a summer job.”

–Zelda Spellman (Miranda Otto) expresses her concern over Sabrina’s new role in the underworld.

Jimmy Fallon Kobe Bryant Monologue

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

“Let’s honor Kobe, Gianna, and the other lives that were lost yesterday by following his example. Love your family, love your teammates, and outwork everyone else in the gym.”

–Jimmy Fallon honors Kobe Bryant in a tearful monologue.

Arrow Series Finale
Colin Bentley/The CW

Arrow (The CW)

“Oliver may be gone, but his mission endures. That mission lives on, Oliver lives on in the people he inspired.”

–John Diggle (David Ramsey) gives an emotional speech following Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) death in the Arrow series finale.

The New Pope John Malkovich

The New Pope (HBO)

“You remind me of my favorite actor, John Malkovich.”
“Doesn’t do much for me.”

–Sofia (Cecile de France) and Sir John Brannox (John Malkovich) engage in some fourth wall-breaking banter.

Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Lab

The Goop Lab (Netflix)

“Vulva, vulva, vulva.”

–Gwyneth Paltrow learns a lesson about female anatomy.

The Bachelor Cleveland

The Bachelor (ABC)

“The first stop on this amazing journey that will take us literally around the world will begin in a city full of art, culture and rock ‘n’ roll. Peter’s going to meet you… in Cleveland, Ohio.”

–Chris Harrison gives the contestants some underwhelming travel news.

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This week, television mourned the passing of Kobe Bryant and celebrated new music at the 2020 Grammys. Shrill returned to Hulu and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to Netflix, while fans had to bid an emotional goodbye to The Good Place.

Plus, Adam Driver stopped by SNL for a third hosting stint, and a familiar face made a happy comeback on Doctor Who.

Check out the gallery above for our favorite lines from this week in TV.