Best Lines of the Week (April 27-May 3): ‘Are You Sober?’

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Bob's Burgers, gene, best lines

Bob’s Burgers

Gene: “I can’t help until my hair is slightly more back to full hotness.”
– Gene (Eugene Mirman) refuses to help the family plan Bob’s surprise birthday party until he can fix his botched haircut.

Being Serena- Serena Williams, best lines

Being Serena

Serena: “Just because I’m 36 and I have a baby, am I supposed to lower my expectations? That’s not something I’m used to doing.”
– Serena Williams opens up about having a child late in life in her new documentary.

The Last OG - Tracy Morgan, conan, best lines


Tracy: “Yeah, I sold crack. But I was a crack dealer with a heart of gold!”
– Tracy Morgan discusses his pre-fame life during his days of crack dealing.

Fear the Walking Dead - Maggie Grace
Richard Phibbs/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead

Al: “Because the truth matters. Even if it’s just heard out loud. Even if it’s just heard once.”
– Al (Maggie Grace) explains to the group why she collects the stories of those she meets.

Black Ink Crew - Sky Days, best lines

Black Ink Crew

Sky: “If I wanted to be around people I’d watch porn. Those are my friends.”
– Sky Days is surprised and angered when friends show up to her house unannounced.

The 100 - Marie Avgeropoulos, best lines
Michael Courtney/The CW

The 100

Octavia: “You are Wonkru, or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.”
– With the bunker door sealed and the threat of starvation, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) steps up as leader over all the clans.

Kevin Can Wait - Kevin James, best lines
David M. Russell/CBS

Kevin Can Wait

Chale: “I thought your dream was to work in a drive-through restaurant that sells shepherd’s pie in a cup.”
Kevin: “That was my other dream.”
– Kevin (Kevin James) isn’t taken seriously when he announces he’s reuniting his former band.

PAULY D - Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Pauly: “Right now I’m watching a horror movie. This is an absolute disaster. I need my popcorn for this.”
– Pauly D and Vinny sit back and enjoy the show when Ronnie and his baby mama get into a fight after fans see Ronnie exhibiting suspect behavior in a club.

Dancing with the stars - TONYA HARDING, SASHA FARBER
Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Dancing with the Stars

Tonya: “I wasn’t allowed to compete, to perform in shows. You have people looking at you like you’re nothing, and then you start to believe that you are nothing. I just wanted to do what I was good at, and that was skating.”
– Tonya Harding opens up about being banned for life from U.S. figure skating before performing her first dance with partner Sasha Farber.

Lisa Vanderpump
Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa: “Are you sober?”
– When meeting Stassi’s boyfriend, Patrick, for the first time, Lisa notices Stassi is at a loss for words and questions how much Stassi has had to drink.

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From the non-stop fun of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, to the emotion filled episode of The 100, this week had entertainment for everyone.

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