Best Lines on TV This Week (June 2-8): ‘It’s Not a Sin to Be Smart’

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Bachelorette

Rachel: “I did talk to Lucas tonight, and Lucas said something to me about you standing over his bed while he sleeps, eating over him with a peeled banana.”
Blake: “So he genuinely said that I stand over him while he sleeps, and then I…?”
Rachel: “And that you ate a peeled banana.”
Blake: “Well, one of those things is for sure not true, because I don’t eat carbs, because I’m on a ketogenic diet, so I don’t eat bananas.”

-Rachel Lindsay confronts one of her potential suitors, Blake E., about claims made by another contestant, Lucas, that he was stalking him during his sleep while he ate a peeled banana. Unfortunately, both contestants were booted from the show at night’s end, and the jury is still out on whether they resolved their beef.

Rupaul's Dragrace - Alexis Michelle

RuPaul’s Drag Race

“Alexis Michelle. Your Native American outfit gave us… reservations.”

-RuPaul, on Alexis Michelle (Alex Michael)’s Village People-inspired outfit.

GOTHAM - Sean Pertwee
Jeff Neumann/FOX


“Yes, your parents died in that alley three years ago, and maybe that man took away the pain of that night. But there is no life, there is no love, without pain.”

-Alfred (Sean Pertwee) to Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), visiting him in the detention center.

Eric McCandless/ABC

Pretty Little Liars

“If you think I’m going to leave my fate in your fumbling hands, you’ve been smoking the drapes.”

-Mona (Janel Parrish) and her quick wit return to help the liars find A.D.

Brian Douglas/ABC

Downward Dog

“Like, sometimes dog culture feels almost like a breeding ground for anti-intellectualism, and I just want to say, like, it’s not a sin to be smart.”

-Martin the dog commenting on the intellectual capacities of other canines

American Dad

American Dad

Mill Lady: “You’re not our leader. You’re just some kid that looks like Juno.”
Steve: “Only from certain angles! Now calm down.”

-Steve (Scott Grimes) defends his odd shape and stature.

iZombie - Aly Michalka, Rose McIver
Katie Yu/The CW


Liv: “I’m sorry. You must be so freaked out.”
Peyton: “Oh, watching my zombie roommate talk to a ghost? That’s just what I call a Tuesday.”

-Peyton (Aly Michalka) lets Liv (Rose McIver) know that her paranormal life has become the new normal.

The Originals - Joseph Morgan
Annette Brown/The CW

The Originals

Kol: Alright! Chitchats over. Can we slaughter someone now?
Klaus: Well, first things first. We need to destroy the weapons that give our enemies their advantage. Now, one scratch from the rosebush is lethal to us. Freya has tracked down the eight that remain, including the main plant here, in the ninth ward.
Rebekah: Fine, so we burn them all and then we murder that wretched bitch.
Kol: Lethal thorns, resurrected witches—what could possibly go wrong?

-Three of the living Mikaelson siblings, Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), Klaus (Joseph Morgan), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) brainstorm techniques to kill their mutual mortal enemy in order to save their brother, Elijah.

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