‘Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches’: See Alexandra Daddario, Harry Hamlin & More in AMC Adaptation (PHOTOS)

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches cast amc
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire is just arriving, but AMC is already getting ready to welcome its second project based on the works of the late author with Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches.

Unveiled during the AMC Networks Summit in New York City, fans were treated to several first-look images of the stars in character including Alexandra Daddario. The series focuses on Daddario’s character Rowan, a young and intuitive neurosurgeon who discovers she is the unlikely heir to a family of witches.

The supernatural story sees Rowan grappling with her newfound powers as she must contend with a sinister presence that has haunted her family for generations. Among the characters appearing alongside Dr. Rowan Fielding is Harry Hamlin‘s Cortland Mayfair, Beth Grant‘s Carlotta Mayfair, and Tongayi Chirisa’s Ciprien Grieve.

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches is executive produced by Mark Johnson, writer and showrunner Esta Spalding, writer Michelle Ashford, director Michael Uppendahl, and Jeff Freilich. The series based on Rice’s Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy is produced by AMC Studios. This is just one piece to the growing Rice puzzle at AMC and AMC+ which secured rights to 18 of the author’s iconic titles.

Catch a sneak peek at the characters before Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches arrives on AMC and AMC+ in the future.

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Alexandra Daddario as Dr. Rowan Fielding in Mayfair Witches
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Alexandra Daddario is Dr. Rowan Fielding

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches - Tongayi Chirisa as Ciprien Grieve
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Tongayi Chirisa plays Ciprien Grieve

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches - Beth Grant as Carlotta Mayfair
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Beth Grant is Carlotta Mayfair

Alexandra Daddario as Dr. Rowan Fielding in Mayfair Witches - Season 1, Episode 4
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Alexandra Daddario’s Dr. Rowan Fielding

Harry Hamlin as Cortland Mayfair in Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Harry Hamlin is Cortland Mayfair

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches - Alexandra Daddario and Harry Hamlin
Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Alexandra Daddario’s Dr. Rowan Fielding sits with Harry Hamlin’s Cortland Mayfair