‘All Rise’: Lola’s Detained During a Protest, Plus Court’s New COVID Normal (PHOTOS)

Lola Carmichael All Rise Season 2 Premiere Simone Missick
Erik Voake/CBS

All Rise may be back in the courtroom after going virtual for the end of its first season, but there are some changes in place due to the pandemic.

In fact, when Season 2 begins, not only are the characters of CBS’ courtroom drama dealing with COVID-19 (Samantha Marie Ware’s legal clerk Ness Johnson is brought on to help with the backlog as a result), they’re also tackling police protests. (Since Season 1 ended, there have been protests against police brutality and racism after George Floyd’s death.) And in the two-part premiere, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” Simone Missick‘s Judge Lola Carmichael and Wilson Bethel‘s prosecutor Mark Callan are right in the middle of it.

“Lola and Mark try to rebuild their friendship after Mark witnessed Lola being detained during a protest while defending a teen girl amid an escalating encounter with police,” the logline for the first part reads. We’ll learn what happened that night and see the long-lasting effects on Lola, Mark, public defender Emily Lopez (Jessica Camacho), clerk Luke Watkins (J. Alex Brinson), and all those involved through flashbacks.

As executive producer Dee Harris-Lawrence told TV Insider, “We kick off the season going directly at some of the most pressing events and questions that the last few months have thrown at us.”

Scroll down to see Lola detained and the changes to the courtroom as a result of the pandemic.

All Rise, Season 2 Premiere, Monday, November 16, 9/8c, CBS

Simone Missick All Rise Season 2 Premiere Lola Carmichael Court
Erik Voake/CBS

Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick) in court

Wilson Bethel All Rise Season 2 Premiere Mark Callan Court
Erik Voake/CBS

Luke Watkins (J. Alex Brinson) and Mark Callan (Wilson Bethel) in court

Simone Missick All Rise Season 2 Premiere Lola Carmichael Detained
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Lola detained

All Rise Season 2 Premiere Police Detaining Lola
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Deputy Wilson (Boone Platt) and Lola

All Rise Season 2 Premiere Mark Lola Detained
Erik Voake/CBS

Mark, Deputy Wilson, and Lola