‘A Friend of the Family’ Trailer Warns of Danger to Broberg Family (VIDEO)

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“No one thinks that their best friend is a monster, but he has all the hallmarks of a psychopathic personality.” So warns the new trailer, which debuted during the 2022 Emmys, for Peacock’s A Friend of the Family.

Watch the video above for an introduction to the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan was kidnapped multiple times over a period of a few years by a charismatic, obsessed family “friend.” The Brobergs weren’t prepared for their neighbor’s tactics that exploited their vulnerabilities, drove them apart, and turned their daughter against them. Plus, check out new photos and the key art below.

The series, inspired by a true story, stars Anna Paquin, Jake Lacy, Colin Hanks, Lio Tipton, Mckenna Grace, and Hendrix Yancey. It premieres on Thursday, October 6 with three episodes. The rest of the nine-episode series will be released weekly.

“We were a loving, trusting, educated family. We were not stupid or careless. So how could this happen in our neighborhood, where we knew everyone, and everyone was a friend? The truth is that most predators are not strangers but people we know — people who can build trust, create special friendships, and separate family members psychologically,” Jan Broberg, who serves as a producer, said in a statement.

“From age 12 to 16 I was sexually assaulted and severely brainwashed by this man who I trusted,” she continued. “This story will make you talk, shout, cry — and it will make you angry. Good. The team of writers, actors, designers, directors and producers led by Alex Hedlund, Eliza Hittman, and Nick Antosca have captured the heart of how good people can be manipulated and their children victimized. Our story is relatable because so many families have direct experience with this sort of abuse. I hope that our story will start conversations — because secrets live in darkness and silence.”

Showrunner and writer Nick Antosca executive produces with Alex Hedlund and Eliza Hittman (who also directs multiple episodes). Mary Ann Broberg also produces. Skye Borgman for Top Knot Films is a consulting producer.

Scroll down for a sneak peek at the new series.

A Friend of the Family, Series Premiere, Thursday, October 6, Peacock


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