Dos & Don'ts of '9-1-1' & 'Lone Star' Crossovers Next Season

Meredith Jacobs
911 Lone Star 2021 Crossovers
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The 118 of 9-1-1 and the 126 of spinoff Lone Star will meet in some capacity when both return for new seasons next year (currently set for 2021).

"There will definitely be crossovers. We're kicking around some ideas now about how to accomplish that," Tim Minear, showrunner for both series, told TV Insider after the original's finale. "It's time now that we can cross-pollinate those worlds a little bit." At the time, he was considering "traditional crossover ideas" as well as "ways to have stories cross over between episodes that aren't necessarily one cast guesting on the other episode."

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From possible career changes to crossovers to incorporating real-world events.

While we wait to hear details about how that might shape up in 2021, we're taking a look below and what we do and don't want to see when the first responders of Los Angeles and Austin cross paths.

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