6 Long-Running TV Shows That Ended in 2015 (But Live on in Our Hearts)

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Mad Men Season 7 cast
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Mad Men

2015 marked the final lap from one of television's greats. Matthew Weiner’s masterpiece helped usher in the golden era of television and the rise of AMC. Both halves of its final season were as beautiful and fascinating as ever. There is nothing on this earth audiences will miss more than Don Draper’s mug, since the man can rightly claim to have invented handsome. RIP Dick, long live Coke.


Jason Katims ensnared us for six seasons, breaking our hearts and adopting us into the incredible, weird, wonderful Braverman family. For TV diehards, simply watching Lauren Graham was enough to keep us going all this time. It really was an all-star cast that will be emotionally binge watched for generations to come.
Parks and Recreation Series Finale
Colleen Hayes/NBC

Parks and Recreation

It's almost as if Hillary Clinton has picked up the torch for Leslie Knope in these past few months. With each character receiving blissfully perfect future-endings in the finale's series of flash-forwards, we can rest soundly, if sadly, knowing that each of our Pawnee friends has gone on to greater things.
Community season 3
Lewis Jacobs/NBC


This cult favorite has called it quits - again and (seemingly) finally. Yahoo kindly put out a sixth season and then followed the episodes up with an unkind public denouncement of how much money they lost betting on the show. Luckily the fantastically odd pack of actors is on to bigger and brighter things (though it's not yet determined if those things will include the movie part of fan mantra #sixseasonsandamovie.)
The CW

America's Next Top Model

We had to throw in one reality gem. After 22 seasons over 12 years, the cancellation of this juggernaut proves to audiences that nothing is sacred on the network chopping block. Tyra's is the face that launched a thousand careers. Dozens of fashion competition shows have followed in the wake of her smize, but none will ever be as vicious.
Revenge TV Show


After four seasons in the Hamptons, they’re closing up the summer house and heading back into the city for good (plus or minus a few characters.) The Grayson-vs-Thorne saga lurched and spun in a dozen different directions from its original soapy conceit, but it was always wildly entertaining, especially the feud royale between Botoxed matriarch Victoria and her violent nemesis-slash-social-protege Emily.
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