A Look Back: 5 Stunning Shots While Filming the Original ‘Planet Earth’

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Gavin Newman/Discovery Channel/BBC

Planet Earth: Caves

This Planet Earth cameraman is braving the deep and filming in flooded caves in the Yucatan, Mexico, for the out-of-this-world “Caves” episode.

Tom Clarke/Discovery Channel/BBC

Planet Earth: Jungles

Cameraman Paul Stewart is seen getting to know the local Huli tribes people in Papua New Guinea while filming for the “Jungles”episode.

Discovery Channel/BBC

Planet Earth: Shallow Seas

Underwater cameraman Doug Allan is having a whale of a time while filming a mother and baby humpback whale duo off Tonga in the South Pacific for “Shallow Seas”.

Frederique Olivier/Discovery Channel/BBC

Planet Earth: Ice Worlds

Who doesn’t love penguins? Cameraman Wade Fairley seems to be having a great time while he films emperor penguins in Antarctica for “Ice Worlds.”

Discovery Channel/BBC

Planet Earth

Producer Huw Cordey is certainly
having a swinging good time while filming in trees while creating Planet Earth.

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While the final episode of the much-needed revival of Planet Earth II ,”Cities,” airing last Saturday on BBC America and AMC, we are looking back at some amazing snap shots of the filming of original Planet Earth.

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