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It’s easy for me to remember the first TV shows I watched as a young kid. After getting home from grade school in the afternoon, I watched what my mom was watching, usually while she was using the ironing board after doing laundry. There were the soaps, especially Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. The other one was The Merv Griffin Show. The guests could have been the biggest TV or movie stars on the planet. I wouldn’t know who was who, but I did get to know Merv! What a pleasant guy, and he seemed to love everyone who came on his show, and everybody always had a good time. That famous lean-in as he chatted with his guests always showed, at least to this young viewer, that he really cared. —Michael Fell, Editor-in-Chief of TV Guide Magazine


Vol.1, Issue 10

This crossword puzzle originally appeared in the Talk Shows issue of Puzzler magazine.

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