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’90s dramas were an incredible grab bag of shows that included quirky, personal stories but also social and cultural tales reflecting the mood of the decade. Although the ’80s has often been hailed as a watershed time for important dramas, like St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice, the ’90s was no slouch when it came to important TV! NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life on the Street ratcheted up the on-the-streets realism of Hill Street. The X-Files enjoyed as intense a fan connection as had Miami Vice, and St. Elsewhere was succeeded by, well, another all-time great medical show (and ratings blockbuster), ER.

Other solid, stand-the-test-of-time shows filled up the decade, too. Adventures like Nash Bridges and Dr. Quinn, mysteries like Diagnosis Murder, family dramas like Party of Five and Touched by an Angel, and primetime soaps like Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek and Melrose Place. The West Wing is still one of the best political dramas ever, and Law & Order is actually still on the air! And as the decade was coming to a close, The Sopranos premiered in 1999 on HBO, ushering in what many consider the Second Golden Age of TV. Test your knowledge and play the ’90s dramas TV crossword below.


Vol. 3, Issue 10

This crossword puzzle originally appeared in the '90s Dramas issue of Puzzler magazine.

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