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When we’re cozying up to watch some TV in the evening, there are three kinds of jobs you see on your favorite shows more than any other: cops, lawyers and doctors. It’s easy to see how these professions make for exciting shows, with the police taking down the bad guys and the hunt for the truth in the courtroom. And there is no shortage of drama in the hospital emergency room, the operating room or even a quiet doctor’s office where a patient restlessly waits for a diagnosis.

We’ve got all kinds of doctors in this issue: from docs on the front line (M*A*S*H) to docs in posh offices (Private Practice), from psychiatrists in Chicago (The Bob Newhart Show) to pioneers on the American frontier (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) – even one of TV’s first widely popular medical dramas Dr. Kildare, with a young Richard Chamberlain, from 1961. Play the TV doctors crossword below.


Vol. 2, Issue 1

This crossword puzzle originally appeared in the TV Duos issue of Puzzler magazine.

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