‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Is There a Future for Liam Now That He’s Confessed?


Even if a spouse was required to testify against their mate in court, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) probably would have still confessed to his wife Hope (Annika Noelle) that he accidentally killed poor Vinny (Joe LoCicero) with his dad Bill’s (Don Diamont) car.

The guilt was weighing heavily on him and he finally broke. But chances are, inadvertently bumping off Vinny won’t be what gets Liam in trouble, so much as the fact that he covered it all up. That’s a lot for Hope to take in. How does she feel about it all?

In this exclusive interview, TV Insider spoke to Noelle about Liam’s confession, playing an evil mannequin last year, which royal family member she’d like Hope to emulate fashion-wise, and what she thinks of the show’s latest designs. Read on for the scoop.

For both Hope and Liam, it’s very in-character to want to tell the truth.

Annika Noelle: Yes. I would say they both have problems not not telling the truth — especially when it comes to either their parents or each other asking what’s wrong.

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Liam confessed after Hope took him back over his one-night stand with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Would it have made a difference if he had told her before?

It certainly would have jolted her and given her reason for pause, but I don’t think it would have turned into a big problem if she’d heard about it sooner. She would have encouraged him to go to the police sooner. Had Hope known sooner it might not have turned into this cover-up with Bill trying to make things right.

Prior to the accident, Bill was all jovial, telling Hope to take Liam back. That was a family moment where someone butts in where they probably shouldn’t, but lovingly so.

I agree. I’m from Boston and our “love language” is giving people a hard time.

I keep waiting for Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) to show a dark side; however, it appears that he’s truly turned over a leaf.

So far, yes. From everything we’ve seen, and what’s been written, Thomas is trying to be a better man. However, I’m very curious if we’ll see something come out in the future with Thomas.

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Liam hitting the breaks and the thud of Vinny’s body hitting the car have been played a lot, but it’s jolting every time.

I was so incredibly impressed that Scott and Don weren’t in the car together at the same time. I thought the editing and direction of those scenes were wonderful.

What does it mean for Hope’s kids — Beth and Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) — to have Liam back under the roof?

I think that’s the driving factor behind every decision Hope makes in her life. What will bring her kids stability and happiness? What makes the most sense now is to have Liam back in their lives, for those children to have a father figure. Hope and Liam are opening up to each other and healing. Hope was feeling things were moving forward and she was getting there in terms of forgiveness, and now, there’s this hiccup again.

Liam and Hope are living proof that being married on soaps doesn’t mean a couple will shift to the backburner.

[Chuckles] Unfortunately, I don’t believe I’m allowed to stop crying anytime soon!

You do it so well.

I’m hoping to have some levity to play or maybe Hope will put together a fashion show. We’ll see what happens.

Last year, you got to take a bit of a departure playing the evil Hope mannequin.

I enjoyed that so much because I still had the joy of playing Hope and also got to play a “bad girl” as the evil Hope mannequin. She was a part of Thomas’ psyche. I got to come to life as the mannequin and be in scenes with Matt. I wore a wig and did my makeup differently. I dropped my voice down a register and “walked” the way a mannequin would with stiff movements. To have that new challenge and to get into someone else’s shoes was so much fun. I hadn’t gotten to flex those muscles in a while. When I had brunette hair, I used to play the vixen more often than I would the “good girl.”

The words “hope” and “hope for the future” pop up often in the dialogue.

We run into it quite a bit. I sometimes wonder if the writers purposely utilize that phrase a little frequently. Matt had a line the other day that went something like, “I was hoping Hope wasn’t hoping….” It was three “hopes” in one sentence! I wonder if it’s a wink and a nudge and if they’re being “punny.”

There are a lot of comments about the show’s fashions. The outfits are pretty eye-grabbing. Thoughts?

It certainly is creating a lot of chatter. If I could pick one for Hope, I’d chose a Kate Middleton style. Classic and simple. However, we have a new executive fashion consultant [Erica Pelosini Leeman]. Her job right now is to pull these eye-catching designs. They are making people talk.

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