Danica McKellar Named As Judge On Eric Stonestreet Hosted ‘Domino Masters’

Danica McKellar at 2019 Winter TCA Tour
Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Fox will be hoping to topple the competition with its new reality series Domino Masters which has reportedly signed up Danica McKellar and NFL Pro Bowler Vernon Davis as judges.

Joining them will be professional domino artist and chain reaction expert Steven Price, according to to Deadline.

McKellar, best known for playing Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, has voiced Miss Martian in HBO Max’s Young Justice since 2010 and stars in the Hallmark movie series Matchmaker Mysteries. She’s also written several New York Times bestselling non-fiction books, all revolving around mathematics, including Math Doesn’t Suck, Kiss My Math, and Hot X: Algebra Exposed.

Davis, who recently hosted The Challenge Reunion Special, was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars last fall.

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet will host the show, which will feature 16 teams of domino enthusiasts facing off in an unbelievable domino toppling and chain reaction tournament. Throughout the series, Stonestreet, alongside the judges, will offer support to the domino aficionados while also introducing incredible challenges and putting the creations to the test until one team is crowned Domino Masters.

Similar to the popular Fox series Lego Masters, in each episode, the teams will be given a bold theme and exciting custom elements to incorporate into their designs. The competing pairs who impress the judges will advance to the next round, until the finale, during which the finalist teams will battle it out for a cash prize and the ultimate trophy.

“Over the past year, fans of dominoes and chain reaction games took their creativity and passion to social media platforms, with outrageous and extraordinary displays, reimagining these classic games and introducing them to a whole new audience,” said Rob Wade, President, Alternative Entertainment and Specials, Fox Entertainment.

He added: “Domino Masters will take this passion to a whole new level in a truly original format. And Eric is the perfect host to harness the fun and excitement, as viewers witness true artists creating some of the most innovative domino topples ever envisioned.”

Domino Masters is produced by Fox Alternative Entertainment and is slated to premiere in the 2021-2022 season on Fox.