Meet the 16 Teams of Fox’s ‘Domino Masters’ (PHOTOS)

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams Rocket Science & Dominators
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Ready, set, domino! 16 teams will compete head-to-head in intense domino building and toppling challenges on the new Fox competition series Domino Masters, hosted by Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet.

“In each episode, the teams will be given a bold theme and exciting custom elements to incorporate into their Rube Goldberg-style topples, but the pressure is on as one wrong move could set off a chain reaction that knocks them out of the running,” states the show’s description.

Judged by actress and author Danica McKellar, NFL star Vernon Davis, and professional domino and chain reaction artist Steve Price, the trios will compete in tournament-style play until three are left standing. The final teams will face off in the season finale to take home the grand cash prize and trophy and officially earn the title of this season’s “Domino Masters.”

Get to know the 16 hopeful trios looking to win it all ahead of the show’s premiere on March 9.

Domino Masters, Series Premiere, Wednesday, March 9, 9/8c, Fox

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Back Breakers
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Back Breakers

Michael Fantauzzo, Doug Pieschel & Matt VanVleck

Ages: 22 / 69 / 26

Hometowns: Rochester, NY / Roseburg, OR / Rochester, NY

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Bad Boys Big Toys
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Bad Boys Big Toys

Scott Cortus, Nick Netta & Elando Baltimore

Ages: 39 / 32 / 40

Hometowns: Ontario, CA / Watchung, NJ / Philadelphia, PA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Brains & Brawn
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Brains & Brawn

Chris Wright, Emma Renner & Ben Tardif

Ages: 24 / 24 / 30

Hometowns: Fairport, NY / Round Hill, VA / Orange, CA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Bearded Buddies
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Bearded Buddies

Paul McCaffrey, Jared Lyon & James “Junior” Roth

Ages: 61 / 43 / 51

Hometowns: Leonardtown, MD / Rochester, NY / Kalamazoo, MI

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Bi-Coastal Brainiacs
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Bi-Coastal Brainiacs

Nate Omaivboje, Kayla Smart & DiAngelo Soriano

Ages: 21 / 29 / 22

Hometowns: Los Angeles, CA / Trenton, NJ / Hercules, CA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Charlie’s Angles
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Charlie’s Angles

Kelly Tucker, Inga Woods & Ruby Houchens

Ages: 28 / 29 / 20

Hometowns: Long Beach, CA / Houston, TX / Seattle, WA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Construction Crew
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Construction Crew

Luke Greenway, Nick Greene & Hugh Benjamin

Ages: 29 / 42 / 51

Hometowns: Seattle, WA / Ronkonkoma, NY / Huntington Valley, PA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Dominators
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DeMond Nason, Michael Carrasquillo & Breenae Washinton

Ages: 42 / 37 / 32

Hometowns: San Diego, CA / Bronx, NY / Manchester, NH

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Dominerds
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Derek Koops, Lyle Broughton & Alex Koops

Ages: 21 / 23 / 21

Hometowns: Sioux Center, IA / Hopkinton, MA / Sioux Center, IA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Mechanical Mavericks
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Mechanical Mavericks

Gabe Dean, Rachel Wess & Tanek Ballachanda

Ages: 21 / 27 / 23

Hometowns: Charlotte, NC / Los Angeles, CA / Seattle, WA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Rocket Science
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Rocket Science

Gloria Robinson, Robert Dehate & Rick Mascheck

Ages: 64 / 51 / 69

Hometowns: Glendale, AZ / Glendale, AZ / Hesperia, CA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Runs In The Family
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Runs in the Family

John Wickham, Kristine Kazian & Brian Kazian

Ages: 60 / 37 / 38

Hometowns: Greer, SC / San Jose, CA / San Jose, CA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Teen Topplers
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Teen Topplers

Alex Nickel, Victoria Bahary & Nathan Heck

Ages: 20 / 19 / 20

Hometowns: San Francisco, CA / Ocean Township, NJ / Cary, NC

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Triathletes
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Claudius Mbemba, Evan Voeltner & Stevens Cadet

Ages: 29 / 20 / 29

Hometowns: Columbus, OH / Milwaukee, WI / Elmont, NY

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, The OG Topplers
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The OG Topplers

Paul Nelson, Scott Sukot & Greg Berkin

Ages: 58 / 58 / 58

Hometowns: Annapolis, MD / Columbia, MD / San Jose, CA

'Domino Masters,' Fox, Teams, Wonder Women
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Wonder Women

Farah Bajwa, Niasia Williams & Brianne Martin

Ages: 39 / 27 / 31

Hometowns: San Diego, CA / Hartford, CT / Texas