Why ‘Ted Lasso’ Could Tackle Darker Moments in Season 2

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It’s unquestionable that Ted Lasso is a ray of sunshine that warmed many viewers over the course of a year that’s been difficult for everyone.

The fish-out-of-water tale following the titular coach as he takes the lead of AFC Richmond’s soccer players in London grows more delightful with each passing episode, but as we gear up for Season 2, it must be considered that Ted Lasso might take darker turns upon its return.

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As Season 1 played out, there were some surprisingly emotional twists and turns taking place between the laughter, and it would only make sense for the show to dig deeper into those moments in Season 2. One aspect in particular that the show should explore more in Season 2 is Ted’s (Jason Sudeikis) background.

Viewers got a brief tease of his past when he challenged AFC Richmond owner Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) ex, Rupert (Anthony Head), to a round of darts at the pub. Ted reveals that he played darts every Sunday at a sports bar with his father from age 10 to 16 when his dad died.

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Although brief, the fact about Ted stands out because it’s one of the only major details viewers actually know about his past beyond sports. Perhaps this detail could have something to do with his overtly positive can-do attitude? Is it a coping mechanism that has evolved over time? These are the questions we’d like to see answered.

There’s a real possibility of that happening as the show welcomes sports psychologist, Sharon (Sarah Niles) aboard for Season 2. Could she crack Ted’s perfectly composed exterior? Only time will tell.

But that’s not the only aspect of Ted we’d like to see explored more. When he was going through a divorce in Season 1, Ted imbibed with some shots from his hotel minibar and exhibited some attitude when Nate (Nick Mohammed) showed up at his door.

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It’s the only occasion from Season 1 where he lost his temper, but maybe it’s not the only time fans will ever see it surface? And then there’s Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster), the player who gave Ted a hard time throughout the season.

After he was returned to Manchester City F.C. after being loaned out to AFC Richmond, Jamie’s competitive side made more sense. In the Season 1 finale, Ted witnesses the verbal and physical abuse the player endures from his father despite helping Manchester win against AFC Richmond.

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It could be a sign of darker things to come, but those little crumbs of personal history add depth to these characters and a show that’s downright joyful. Ted Lasso has proven it can toe the line between comedy and drama, and it feels like Season 2 is teeing up for even more success in that respect.

And with a writer and co-creator like Bill Lawrence on the team, someone who delivered some deeply emotional storylines in the notably hilarious Scrubs, Season 2 of Ted Lasso is bound to make you cry and laugh.

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