‘Supernatural Forever’: What’s Hot in TV Guide Magazine’s Special Issue? (VIDEO)


Family is forever and so is Supernatural. In honor of the wayward sons who carried on for 15 amazing seasons, the team at TV Guide Magazine have put together a must-have for every fan: Supernatural Forever, a collector’s edition, full-color special issue celebrating the Winchester brothers (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles), trench-coated angel Castiel (Misha Collins), Jack (Alexander Calvert), and every demon, hunter, bad-ass woman and meta-joke they met along the way.

Supernatural SIP

Packed with shout-outs to some of the most memorable episodes from the show, we decided to take another look at the show that made history as the longest-running, live-action scripted program on broadcast television and singled out a few of our favorite hours. And according to the fans who weighed in on TV Insider last month, we all share similar tastes in the top eps. But then again, when a show is this good for this long, it’s OK to have a few hundred favorites, right?

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Plus, who was originally supposed to appear? Showrunner Andrew Dabb reveals all.

The glossy publication is basically a bunker full of all sorts of SPN content, including a behind-the-scenes history, exclusive cast portraits featuring Jared, Jensen, and a few others from their cover shoots and massive Comic-Con appearances, and a Supernatural-themed crossword puzzle. Plus, get a sneak peek inside the May 25 release of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s epic Supernatural: The Complete Series DVD and Blu-ray collection featuring all 327 episodes and extras galore.

Set to hit stands on May 18, the unprecedented demand for the Supernatural Special issue means that the magazine’s online pre-orders have already sold out of their initial supply! But don’t worry, they are printing more copies so orders placed now will be shipped on June 4. So click here to get yours while you can!