‘Manifest’ Sneak Peek: Olive & Levi Make an Impossible Discovery (VIDEO)

Olive Stone’s (Luna Blaise) determination to help her family make sense of the giant puzzle their lives have become ever since Flight 828 disappeared, then returned five years later (and no one on board had aged) continues in the two Manifest episodes on April 29.

Olive may not be one of those passengers or Meth Heads facing a death date, but she’s still spending plenty of time trying to decipher clues at the college, as seen in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek. (Those who have returned will die after being back the same amount of time they were gone if they presumably don’t follow the Callings, as seen with Matt Long‘s Zeke surviving his.)

Research assistant Levi (Will Peltz) joins Olive in the clip as she looks over a series of symbols. “What are you doing?” he asks. “Trying to find something to impress your boyfriend back in Cairo?” (Passenger TJ, played by Garrett Wareing, is looking for clues overseas.) “Maybe you should try a more conventional first-year obsession, like philosophy or beer pong,” Levi continues.

“This is important, so can you cut the condescending crap for once in your privileged life and help me?” Olive bursts out. Oh, if he only knew everything going on.

He agrees to help and is able to identify the symbols for balance and life, but then “that’s not possible,” he says. Watch the clip above to see why.

Manifest‘s third season continues with its fifth and sixth episodes airing back to back. First, in “Water Landing,” Michaela’s (Melissa Roxburgh) premonition leads her to pursue a fugitive, while Ben (Josh Dallas) tries to gain the trust of an unlikely ally. Plus, Jared (J.R. Ramirez) and Drea (Ellen Tamaki) uncover devastating secrets, and Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) faces a dilemma that could jeopardize the Eureka project (investigating Flight 828).

Jack Messina Manifest Season 3 Episode 6 Cal Stone

Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers/NBC

Then in “Graveyard Spiral,” Michael and Zeke collide with Meth Head Jace (James McMenamin) in a fight to survive while Ben races to save his family. When everyone converges in an intense battle, the fallout reveals a new clue about the fate of the passengers.

The Meth Heads — Jace, Pete (Devin Harjes), and Kory (Dazmann Still) — have been hearing passenger Cal Stone’s (Jack Messina) voice in their heads. “From the Meth Heads’ point of view, Cal represents all that has gone wrong in their life of late, but also potentially their salvation,” showrunner Jeff Rake told TV Insider. “We will come to learn a lesson in regard to the Meth Heads that will help us understand why they came back and what their return means for the future of the passengers.”

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