See How Humpbacks Communicate in ‘Secrets of the Whales’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Secrets of the Whales Disney+ National Geographic
National Geographic for Disney+/Adam Geiger

Get ready to explore the Secrets of the Whales in National Geographic’s upcoming four-part docuseries, debuting just in time for Earth Day on Disney+.

TV Insider has your exclusive first look at Secrets of the Whales with a sneak peek of the series narrated by Sigourney Weaver, executive produced by James Cameron, and featuring photographer Brian Skerry. Shot over three years in dozens of locations across the globe, the show dives into the life of these aquatic giants including humpback whales, narwhals, orcas, belugas, and sperm whales.

The project aims to educate viewers about the revealing and emotional lives of these majestic creatures, shining a light on humpback communication and travel. In the clip above, watch as a large pod of humpback whales follows their migration pattern off the coast of Perth, Australia.

Along with their uniformity, a melodious chorus echoes from the breaking waves as the whales speak to one another. “They are all talking, not only with words but with actions,” says Weaver in the clip, above. She also reveals in the segment that scientists used aircraft footage to count the size of the migrating group.

Secrets of the Whales Narwhals Disney+ Nat Geo

(Credit: National Geographic for Disney+/Thomas Miller)

They “count as many as 30,000 humpbacks,” she says, as the animals weave in and out of the water together. Other new forms of technology will also be used to understand the clan heritage and traditions of the five species featured. The special event programming features a score from composer Raphaelle Thibaut that combines effortlessly with the compelling nature stories being told.

Get your first taste of what’s to come in the series by checking out the clip, above, and don’t miss Secrets of the Whales when it premieres on Disney+ this Earth Day.

Secrets of the Whales, Series Premiere, Thursday, April 22, Disney+