‘The Flash’: The Allens Are All Here in Season 3 Premiere (VIDEO)

The Flash
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The Flash

They say you can’t pick your family, but when you’re the fastest man alive, you can resurrect them. Sort of.

When The Flash returns tonight, we get our first look at how different the world is now that Barry (Grant Gustin) has raced back in time to save his mom (Michelle Harrison) from the Reverse Flash.

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“Obviously, Barry’s parents are still alive and very much in love,” previews executive producer Todd Helbing, noting that the new “Flashpoint” timeline also altered the events of Season 2, thus preventing Zoom’s murder of Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp). “It’s everything he’s ever wanted since the minute his mother was taken away from him. Essentially it’s the [life] he’s been thinking about for the last 16 years.”

And it’s some straight-up Norman Rockwell business. Check it out.

Still, as Helbing’s brother and fellow exec producer Aaron points out, “there’s always consequences” to tweaking the past. And it won’t take long for Barry to realize that the fallout from his actions. “There’s an effect,” he continues. “Something happens to Barry because of it, physically, and he’ll be very adamant about trying to figure out how to reverse it.”

Wait, did someone say reverse?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW