‘Walker’: Odette Annable Previews the ‘Action-Packed’ Showdown Between Geri & Cord

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Real talk: Even though it’s been almost a month since Walker threw us a twist nobody saw coming, we’re still shook.

At the tail end of the March 11 episode, after selling the Side Step to old pal Cord (Jared Padalecki), straight-shootin’ bar owner Geri Broussard (Odette Annable) was seen hightailing it out of Austin with a smirk on her face. This was just as Walker’s brother Liam (Keegan Allen) and Captain James (Coby Bell) connected her to hush-money payments made to the man convicted of killing Walker’s wife, Emily (Genevieve Padalecki).

What?! Could Walker’s high-school friend, the ex of his troubled buddy Hoyt (Matt Barr) and bestie to his late love, really be connected to her death? Is Geri secretly part of the Northside Nation gang that’s been threatening pretty much everyone within the Texas state limits? And what did Annable know about all of this?

We had so many questions and concerns that we reached out to Supergirl and Cloverfield alum Annable to try to get some answers and, thankfully, she was willing to help out (minus spoilers). See what she has to say about the April 15 episode, “Rule Number 17,” working with such a fun cast, how she and husband Dave Annable (Yellowstone) are handling life down South, and more.

I was so excited when you joined the show. And then Geri turns out to have some shady s**t going on! How did this all play out?

Odette Annable: [Laughs] Oh yeah! I was so stoked. I mean, we moved to Texas and our lives completely changed for the better. Then this opportunity came along and I was just like, “Well, if I’m not in the right place at the right time!” The character of Geri, when I was first talking with [showrunner] Anna Fricke, is a slow start. But in this episode, you really will get to know more of Geri and about what’s going on with her. And it’s really fun.

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So what can you tell me?

Well, not much. [Laughs] But what I can say is that in this episode, we do find out who killed Emily and how exactly Geri is involved. We see Walker and Captain James [Coby Bell] staking out a poker game where they believe that Emily’s killer is, and then they’re stunned to see that Geri shows up. So she is definitely involved with the men who killed Emily, but it’s not necessarily going to be the reason that people may think it is.

Were you surprised when you found out?

Yeah. I didn’t know. I was like, “Wait a second. What’s going on with this girl? Oh…I’m into it.”

Does it leave her in a position to be redeemed?

Yes, absolutely. She’s definitely not just the bartender that you see every few episodes and that’s kind of it. There’s so much more story going on there and I’m so excited to see how it plays out. I am going to stick around, which is exciting.

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I’m assuming there’s some kind of extenuating circumstance here?

Yes, absolutely. You’re dead on.

From the promos, it seems like there is a confrontation between Geri and Walker…

They have it out! Geri’s a badass and she can handle herself, so she’s certainly not going to take any shit from Walker. Whereas other people may, she’s not going to do it. And she also made a vow to make Emily’s death right. So it gets a little complicated when her best friend has this major confrontation with her. And then you’ll see how it plays out in the episode. It’s a pretty action-packed situation.

What does this mean for the character going forward? She doesn’t own the bar anymore…

I think the bar for Geri was a great setup but it was sort of a burden for her. I think she wants a fresh start, but I don’t think she knows even how to begin because she still has Emily’s death on the back of her mind. She’s one of Walker’s oldest friends, and they have a lot of history. It gets complicated.

Will we find out where she’s been until the last three episodes?

Potentially. But more important than where she’s been, it’s that she’s now showing up and is on a mission to prove that she’s innocent. And she’ll take every measure to prove that to Walker…which is devastating for her. For a friend of years and years to have to prove something like that? So Geri and he have to have it out. And then you have to watch until the very end because we’ve got a crazy surprise coming!

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Have you shot any more scenes from their younger years?

Yeah. We have a few flashbacks. And I really do hope that we can see a bit more of that because that dynamic is just so fun.

And what about Hoyt?

There’s so much love between Geri and Hoyt, but I don’t think Hoyt quite understands how to really be the man that Geri needs him to be. We’ve already shot some stuff, but I think you’ll start to see how that unfolds, as well. A lot of things get complicated when Hoyt is released from prison

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So, how long have you been out in Texas?

Only about six months. [Dave] is just living that golf life! And he’s at Home Depot every single day. He knows everybody’s first name, they know him. I mean, he is really settling into suburbia quite nicely. [Laughs]

We’re really, really grateful to be here. And I love the show. I love the cast. I have nothing but compliments. Honestly, I haven’t found one thing wrong with anybody. I’m like, “Oh boy, this is too good to be true.”

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