Jerry Springer on ‘Judge Jerry’ Season 3 and His Long TV Career (VIDEO)

Most viewers know him for moderating the chaotic confrontations on his long-running series The Jerry Springer Show, but the host is a longtime lawyer who’s now utilizing his skills to settle cases on Judge Jerry.

Better yet, the court show over which Jerry Springer presides has just been renewed for Season 3 through NBCUniversal’s Syndication Studios.

Springer has been a household name since The Jerry Springer Show — filled with regular people fighting hyped-up battles over exes, paternity suits, and more — debuted in 1991, but his role as a TV judge carries a different weight.

“I think people are always interested in drama,” Springer tells us in this TV Insider interview, above. “We’re social beings and if there’s a controversy going on, we love paying attention to it, so I think court shows are always going to be popular because people can relate to them.”

judge jerry springer

(Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

And he sees this, not his role, as the draw. “Why they might watch me?” he asks. “They have no taste?” he says with a laugh. “But I’m glad they do.”

Hear more of what the star has to say, including about his longevity in the industry, his court show’s growing popularity, and more, in our interview above.

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