‘Y&R’ Star Melody Thomas Scott on Nikki Giving Her Granddaughter the ‘Faith’ to Survive

Nikki, played by Melody Thomas Scott, is feeling awfully guilty.

That’s because it was déjà vu all over again on the March 30 episode of The Young and the Restless, when Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) got in an alcohol-related car wreck. Unlike her late sister Cassie (Camryn Grimes), who was driving a drunk Daniel (Michael Graziadei) home, Faith had actually been drinking, after learning that the “crush” who was texting her was just a “mean girl” from school — and other kids knew about it, too.

Ironically, it was Cassie, on her deathbed, who predicted that Nick and Sharon would someday have another child. And now, tragically, Faith is in a position eerily similar to the one Cassie faced. (Although, viewers who tuned in to the April 1 episode got a positive update on the teen’s prognosis.)

As for Nikki, not only does she feel responsible for Faith, but the teen was in her care when she ran off with the alcohol and got behind the wheel.

Thomas Scott talked to TV Insider about Nikki’s remorse and how she just might be the one to help Faith recover from her wounds – that are not only physical, but emotional, too. Plus, be sure to catch the exclusive sneak peek, above, of the April 2 episode, where Nikki and Faith (as best she can) have a heart-to-heart in the hospital.

Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman), and Eric Braeden (Victor Newman (Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

Faith’s accident draws many parallels to Cassie’s tragic death. How is Nikki taking all this?

Melody Thomas Scott: Nikki is devastated and feels terrible guilt for having left Faith alone for literally one minute. Nikki is upset that this happened under her watch. This situation brings Cassie’s tragic demise to the forefront of everyone’s minds; they know how badly this situation could end and they are desperate to find a way to control it.

Does Nikki feel that Nick [Joshua Morrow] and/or Sharon [Sharon Case], Faith’s parents, could have done more to prevent this? They were active in getting her help, dealing with the bullies — they were on top of this! Or is Faith’s recovery the only concern?

Nikki doesn’t blame Nicholas or Sharon. I think all of Faith’s parental figures feel a certain degree of helplessness. Since this form of bullying [catfishing] didn’t exist when they were young, it’s not something that most adults feel they can protect their children from. Of course, Faith’s recovery is the most critical issue.

Could Nikki have done more for Faith given her own issues with alcoholism?

Nikki has been on high alert since she learned that Faith had been acting out with her “bad-influence” friend, Jordan [Madison Thompson]. They had been caught drinking a few times and Nikki had many heart-to-hearts with Faith about the alcohol use. Faith feels more comfortable talking to Nikki about these things because of her grandmother’s alcoholism.

John Paschal / JPI Studios

Nikki thought things were progressing well, not realizing how upset Faith was about being betrayed by Jordan and ultimately being catfished and humiliated that the school bullies were supplied with all of the fake online conversations.

Y&R‘s done many social issues over the decades. What’s the message of this one?

We’re trying to alert parents to the dangers of bullying, which could have a deadly outcome. Not that bullying is news, but modern times have introduced so many more methods to torture our children. Kids are addicted to their screens, which creates secrecy. Adults are kept in the dark. Our children don’t have the ability to see around those corners yet. Which means that the adults in their life must be hyper-vigilant.

How can Nikki help Faith in a way that others, including her parents, can’t?

Certainly, Nikki is an expert on this subject. She can speak with more authority on the dangers of drinking than any other adult in Faith’s life. Also, the fact that Nikki is one generation above her parents makes her advice to Faith a bit gentler. There is a different dynamic between them. Faith feels this difference and will consider her grandmother’s words over the “preaching” of her parents.

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