‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams Reunite as April Returns (PHOTO)

Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew - Grey's Anatomy - Jackson and April
Ron Tom / ©ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

April and Jackson are back together on Grey’s Anatomy…or, at least, the actors who portray them, Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams, are.

Both stars shared evidence of their reunion on Instagram on March 16, with Drew posting a photo of the two of them with the caption “Nbd [no big deal]. Not excited at all,” and Williams sharing a video of what leads up to the moment captured in the image.

This comes less than a week after news broke that Drew will be reprising her Grey’s character, Dr. April Kepner, for the first time since her exit in the Season 14 finale. Last fans saw April, she had left the hospital to work helping the homeless and married her boyfriend, paramedic Matthew (Justin Bruening), while her ex, Jackson, watched. (April and Jackson have a daughter, Harriet.)

No details have been released about what brings April back into the world of Grey’s Anatomy. As far as we know, she and Matthew are still married, but that doesn’t rule out a “Japril” reunion. After all, the former relationship could always fall apart and the exes could get back together. (You might recall that April and Jackson tied the knot just after she was supposed to marry Matthew.)


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At the very least, fans should expect to see April and Jackson back onscreen together. Given the new protocols in place due to COVID, if Drew and Williams are together behind-the-scenes, it’s very likely they’ll be in the same scene(s).

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