’90 Day Fiancé’: A Grim Fairytale Ending for Some and a Hopeful Start for Others (RECAP)

Stephanie, 90 Day Fiancé
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

Who knew fairytales could be so grim? These couples get closer to their storybook endings, but some prove to be more dark than dreamy. Like Stephanie’s psychic says, forget about closing the chapter on these relationships — some couples just need to start another book entirely.

Stephanie & Harris: Knight in Shining Armor

Since Stephanie and Ryan’s split, Harris has successfully squeezed into her heart. She just uses this as an excuse to chug her favorite wine and brag that Harris treats her like a queen.

Harris similarly isn’t sweating the fact that he swiped his cousin’s fiancée. “I will show her how a real man is supposed to treat a woman,” he states before telling Stephanie that he’s in love with her. They’ve only spent two days together!

Stephanie wine 90 Day Fiancé


Stephanie, of course, needs to get her psychic Maria’s approval before taking things further with Harris. The new couple FaceTime Maria while wearing matching robes. Maria doesn’t use much of her psychic abilities and instead just asks Harris a series of normal questions, like “What are your intentions?” and “Are you trustworthy?” Shouldn’t she be able to “see” all that on her own?

Harris gushes that he “loves Stephanie so, so much,” but Maria is worried that his baby mama could interfere with this new relationship. Harris promises they’re over, but he still wants to pay for his children’s education (just not actually parent them). “I just want to move from Belize because I am hardworking and I can make my own money. I want a better life for my family and my kids,” he says.

He tells Maria he wants Stephanie to take him back to the U.S. so he can be her bodyguard and gardener…literally. Maria deems Harris a “knight in shining armor” and gives them her blessing.

Jovi & Yara: Sleeping Beauty

Jovi uses the “don’t touch, don’t tell” policy to justify his private lap dance. At 1:30 a.m., he drunkenly stumbles home to pregnant fiancée Yara. Mere hours later, the couple head to the airport to go to Las Vegas for their wedding. Yara resents that Jovi invited all of his pals to their private nuptials and is annoyed that he came home so late from his bachelor party. “I don’t even want to hear your voice,” she pushes him away. “I feel like I want to go back to the Ukraine.”

Rebecca & Zied: Forcing a Fairytale

Rebecca agrees to marry Zied before Ramadan, but she only has eight days to plan a wedding. “I can’t bear to lose Zied at this point,” she confesses. He promises to treat her to a lavish Tunisian wedding after the pandemic to make up for it.

Rebecca, 90 Day Fiancé


Later, Rebecca loses her engagement ring and starts to break under the pressure of it all. Zied doesn’t seem to mind and is laser-focused on his video games. “The most romantic moment of my life was when Zied gave me that ring and now I’ve lost that ring and he doesn’t care,” she vents. “The person Zied was in Tunisia is not the person I’m seeing right now.”

Rebecca voices her concerns to daughter Tiffany, who tells her that she shouldn’t be pressured into marrying Zied if she still has doubts — and wonders if Rebecca losing her engagement ring is a sign they shouldn’t get married. “This is the first time that I legitimately believe that this can last forever,” Rebecca reasons. “Honestly right now I feel like I’m on a train that is 90 miles per hour and I feel like I woke up on a train that I never meant to be on…I don’t know if I should get off the train or ride it out.”

Andrew & Amira: Rapunzel in Quarantine

Remember Andrew’s relaxing two-week quarantine at an oceanfront resort in Mexico? That’s not at all what Amira is experiencing in riot-stricken Belgrade, Serbia. “I have trouble sleeping because I hear the police on and on and on,” she says. “Andrew was telling me that he was happy this time I don’t end up in jail. So why do I have the feeling I’m in jail, but this time for 14 days?” Andrew even has stopped reaching out to Amira regularly, and she calls the whole situation a “nightmare.”

Amira, 90 Day Fiance


Andrew finally calls Amira to slyly pressure her to have children as soon as she arrives in California. “I want to be a mom one day of course, but not right now,” she responds, saying they need to work on their relationship first. “I don’t want to have a kid and fight with you.”

Basically, Andrew picked the absolute worst time to bring it up. “I guess I’m asking for a vague promise of children,” he pushes before insulting Amira. “I think that our perception of things are a little bit different.” He then sits on his decrepit porch and complains to his mother-slash-daycare business partner about why Amira has seemingly gone rogue on him.

Tarik & Hazel: Will You Accept This Rose?

Tarik still hasn’t won back Hazel’s trust after calling ex-girlfriend Minty. He even thinks it’s a good idea to wear a shirt featuring a huge map of Minty’s home country, Thailand. The couple go to lunch with Tarik’s friend Angela, and Hazel quietly stares at the floor throughout the meal until Angela asks what’s wrong.

Hazel and Tarik, 90 Day Fiance


Apparently Minty was not the only woman “alpha male” Tarik was talking to: He has been calling a female friend in the Philippines nonstop. Angela rightfully scolds him for disrespecting Hazel: “This is about to be your wife. You need to do whatever it is you need to do to make her emotionally comfortable.”

This also complicates Hazel’s search for a girlfriend with Tarik. “Just because I am bisexual doesn’t mean Tarik is allowed to talk to any girls he wants,” she explains. “I still want to find a girlfriend, but I have to choose the girl, not Tarik.”

Back at their house, Tarik pulls out all the stops to earn Hazel’s forgiveness. He sets up an indoor picnic, complete with rose petals, strawberries, and chocolate fondue (on a white carpet!). Tarik even gets down on one knee to ask Hazel to be with him forever. “I wanted to show her that she really is the most important woman in my life,” he says, smiling before picking up Hazel and carrying her upstairs.

Mike & Natalie: The Princess and the Frog

After “re-proposing” to Natalie, Mike finally sets a date for their nuptials. However, Natalie’s mother can’t come due to the COVID-19 travel restriction in the Ukraine. This is Natalie’s second wedding, but tying the knot with Mike next to their backyard pond isn’t part of her fantasy.

Natalie crying, 90 Day Fiance


The night before their wedding, Mike and Natalie are all smiles while barbecuing. Suddenly the next morning, Natalie is in tears. “We have to cancel our wedding. My fiancé changed his mind,” she hyperventilates on the last day of her visa.

Their neighbor offers to drive Natalie to the airport, but she doesn’t even know how she can travel back to the Ukraine with the COVID-19 ban. “I think that a man who does this to me doesn’t love me,” Natalie cries before throwing Mike’s clothes down the hall. Are they really done for good?


Next week, Natalie ignores Mike’s advances before she leaves Washington, and Yara has second thoughts about marrying Jovi. Stephanie believes the mother of Harris’ children is still in love with him, while Hazel hosts a bachelorette party and comes out as bisexual to her parents. Plus, Zied’s sister complains about Rebecca, and Brandon and Julia move up their wedding date. Does Amira even get on the plane for California? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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